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Full Version: SO. That Carnivale thing...
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it's lookin' a little better. Now that he stopped *touching* everyone.

I like scary staring Mama. shock.gif She's my favorite character so far.

I believe the second episode is on my cable about now. "After the Ball is Over" is the name. I made it through many parts of the first episode and it was o.k. I got sidetracked by some thing or some what ever.

So -

I did see that creepy sort pouring water over sugar like a drunken sailor. Not to take it too seriously, BUT, HBO may further push absinthe into a creepy, cult-ish scene. I don't want to be part of it.
At least the sugar dissolved this time, but they still made a freakin' mess with the water.
he's blind, ferchrissakes!

also, he lost his frenchy accent.
Must be all the absinthe he drinks. It'll make you blind and crazy!
Cheri La Vampress Verte
It reminds me quite a bit of a show that I'm still missing quite dearly, "Millenium". And thank God they didn't have Lodz burn the sugar cube! I would have lost a lot of respect.!
I liked Millenium alot too. Its hard to find television worth watching. Let alone a show that *makes* you watch it.

I find the contrast between the GREEN color of the unwatered absinthe...kinda garish and unnatural, and the lovely subtle cloudy jadelike louche to be interesting. HOW'D they manage to start with Mari Mayans mixed with mud and end up with a louched Jade clone. AMAZING!
Well, I have held on to the idea that paying $50+ for the ability to watch freakin TV is ludicrous, so I don't have HBO...BUT, I have been hanging around my friend's pad on Sunday just to see everything from 7pm on.

I think Carnivale is one of the best new shows right now. Some say it's slow, but me likey.

I just like the fact that Hawkins (Nick Stahl) is the kid from "Bully" and he's been in a couple other things. And how about Samson (Michael J. Anderson)...I remember him from "Twin Peaks".

The bottle containing the bright green liquid is pretty cool...I hope he doesn't burn himself since he's all blind. You know he wants to light it up. censored2.gif
Now that "Dead Like Me" has gone onseasonal hiatus, "Carnivale is without doubt my favorite show. No matter how many roles Clancy Brown gets he'll always be the Kurgan to me! "Nuns, no sense of humor!!!" I'm waiting for him to have a run in with the ultra creepy Absinthe drinking dude, and indulge in that glowing green chimera himself. Oh the horror! The show's not slow to me just thoughtfully surreal, and almost "time out of time" Like Stephen King meets Steinbeck meets Dali meets Felini...well you get the idea.......
Cheri La Vampress Verte
I always think of Clancy Brown as the "Kurgan" also!

Look, the reverand is "The Kurgan!" His boss is Papa Walton! My kids think I'm nuts when I blurt out such things.
Cheri, you are truly a woman after my own heart! Ralph Waite WILL always be John Walton to me as well...and what could be more sureal than the stubbornly non church going Papa Walton mixing with the Kurgan as the reverand from hell. This has the potential to become one of the all time cult favorites. Oh that reminds's on in another couple of hours. Time to (sadly) finish off the last ofmy Emile Sapin in preparation...It's beginnning to feel like Carnivale IS part of a new absinthe ritual! Well it's better than lighting the damned sugar cubes...
Lotsa fornicatin goin on on this here night's episode. woopieee!

I knew he had something to do with the sand storms...

hula-1.gif Wiener.gif boobs.gif cdog.gif
To answer the question of how the color change is so dramatic from the bottle to the louche, I would say that they are using Gert Strands Concentrate.

That stuff produces an emerald green absinthe that has a louche of light blue/green.
Thanks Goanna. I'd never heard of that concentrate, but it probably does solve the mystery!
I really like Carnivale too, it is definitely better with a little buzz on. Then again, what isn't? I love slow beautiful films and TV shows. This absolutely has both of those qualities.
Well, it looks like professor "blind guy" has the "Clanks"?? for another case of the fairy. I can't say I've never felt that...

...this is like a soap opera...I have to keep waiting for next Sunday to find out what happens, but I guess if he doesn't get out of the Silver Mine, the show would

Damn, I need HBO - I may be wearing out my welcome at the neighbor's house.
QUOTE (Nolamour @ Oct 12 2003, 06:39 PM)
Well, it looks like professor "blind guy" has the "Clanks"?? for another case of the fairy.  I can't say I've never felt that...

...this is like a soap opera...I have to keep waiting for next Sunday to find out what happens, but I guess if he doesn't get out of the Silver Mine, the show would

Damn, I need HBO - I may be wearing out my welcome at the neighbor's house.

Yeah, did they refer to absinthe as poodle piss? musta been hills . . .
Yeah, I am hooked on the show too. I was watching Dead Like Me on Showtime, and this came on just in time to take its place smile.gif. I am eagerly waiting to see how long it will take before Ben has to use his powers in front of everybody.
POODLE PISS!!!! I friggin love it!! They just won't let that fairy be...well you know what they publicity is BAD publicity. Anything to further the reasonably sophisticated public's awareness of absinthe!
Donnie Darko
Aw man, this weeks episode was a killer, literally.
A Carnie's justice is my kind of justice... Tombstone2.gif
So, was that a beautifully rugged high quality STAINLESS STEEL hip flask of Absinthe Original from the Czech Republic that the blind man gave Hawkins at the end of the mine?

Man, I've been looking at too much eBay.
Ebay....bleccchhh...didja have to type that anathema. I was just trying to forget how badly my auctions have been tanking lately thanks to the the Home Shopping Network cheapwad mentality of my once discriminating bidders... LMFAOPIMP...but hey, I do enjoy losing myself in the Hell on Earth that IS Carnivale, while sipping Sapin in those kickass "Devil" absinthe glasses I won on Ebay, so I guess it isn't a totally wothless site yet! And I agree...Carny justice rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This would go with your new glasses.

w00t1.gif w00t2.gif
You could have got a devil glass cheap from that guy too:

Oooh, and it says it has a reservoir. What I'd like to know is...where???
When we ran out of the real stuff, we took pseudoephedrine. It makes you bullet-proof. Leonard Bernstein would have killed for a night like this.
T. Schwinke

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