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Full Version: Pernod Champagne anyone?
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Pricey. I'd love a taste though.

So, isn't it time they significantly upgraded their absinthe? w00t2.gif
Jaded Prole
What makes it "Belle-Epoque" aside from the name?

And what can possibly make any champagne they can produce worth over $1,000?
Well, the champagne "Belle Epoque" from Perrier Jouet already existed since way back and is a rather fine one too. It's just that Pernod-Ricard owns the house nowadays.

Champagne Belle Epoque was the brainchild of Pierre Ernst, an associate of the Budin family. His inspiration was the discovery of a beautifully decorated bottle, dating from 1902, found gathering dust in a cupboard in Perrier Jouët. The bottle bore enamelled artwork by the art nouveau glassmaker Emile Galle. The first vintage of Belle Epoque was the 1964, released in 1969, and sold exclusively through a small number of select outlets. It was joined by the La Belle Epoque Rosé in the 1976 vintage, and later by the La Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs.
>"We won't do many cases and won't be offering it in France," said Pernod chairman Patrick Ricard.

QUOTE(Absomphe @ Nov 8 2006, 10:49 AM) *

So, isn't it time they significantly upgraded their absinthe? w00t2.gif

Are they even making absinthe anymore? I was considering buying a bottle of Pernod just because I heard they weren't making it anymore. Should a low quality product still be worth collecting?
Perhaps it will be, a few decades from now.

It's all about the rarity when it comes to collecting.

Quality has little to do with it.

After all, a Honus Wagner tobacco card ain't nothin' but a little bitty piece of paper.
I stopped making grilles.

Just kidding, but I think I'll stop making one whenever I make a new one.
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