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Full Version: Italian Absinthe Party
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Hi to everybody!
I am Margherita from Italy, (that's why I will do so much mistakes writing here).
I am new on this forum but someone here knows me personally because I am eveytime to the party dedicated to absinthe of Pontarlier and Boveresse and it's about an absinthe party that I want to write:

December 8th, 9th and 10th, 2006 the first Italian party of absinthe will take place in Mantova.

The program:

Friday December 8th

18:00 conference about -history of absinthe
-authentic absinthe and not
-protection of the real absinthe
22:30 party with dj set


Saturday December 9th

10:00 opening exposure
11:00 guided tasting of absinthe
15:00 contest " best absinthe cocktail "
22:30 venetian party with venetian masks


Sunday December 10th

10:00 opening exposure
11:00 contest to decree the best absinthe present on the Italian market
18:00 closing event

For every information or for take part to the jury you can write a personal message to me!
Hi Margherita, welcome onboard !

I remember you from Pontarlier, I'm sure you're on this picture :

IPB Image
Margherita! Welcome!
First of all, thank you and Marco and your friend for bringing those nice wines.
Second, this means I need to somehow pay a plane ticket to Italy... Damn it.
The Standard Deviant
Hello Margherita, I am Roger's brother.
Tell us Moore.

Forza Italia :)
Ciao Margherita!

LARS!.gif LARS!.gif LARS!.gif
QUOTE(mthuilli @ Nov 10 2006, 04:05 PM) *

I remember you from Pontarlier, I'm sure you're in this picture

She's definitely in this picture...
And Ted is just behind her in my picture.
What a seducer!
Welcome and enjoy your stay! abs-cheers.gif
I've been looking for a place to put this bit of trivia. This is a still from the film "'Nfama!". Made in Naples, Italy in 1924.

Notice the sign: "Absinth" -- no "e"
It's nice to see that Italy (a place not really known for Absinthe) is having an event such as this. This can only be good fro the absinthe market and the quality of absinthe yet to be produced.
Ciao, Margherita! Nice to see you here.

I think you are in this picture as well.

Click to view attachment
The body language shows exactly how much we all appreciated Nicholas' singing...
Nicholas sure is enthusiastic about his music.

He tries really hard to connect with his audience.

Oh well, he is a sweet guy.

Yes, it’s me, the hair colour is different but it’s always me! Hi to everybody!
I would like to show you the printed program but unfortunately the image is not available yet so I will do it as soon as it’s possible, for the moment I can only give you some detail hoping to have the pleasure of your presence.

The purpose of the party is to explain what’s the truth about absinthe.
In Italy the interest is growing but the legends and the twisted information make the diffusion of not worthy products called Absinhte increase.
We have already begun this information diffusion process here in Italy organizing little events, tastings and repeating hundreds of times the same things without never get tired.
Finally we start seeing some positive results and now we think that Italy could be ready for the first party dedicated to Absinthe.
It Will be a simple but funny party, with good drinks and obviously good food.
There will be also an exposure of pictures, live music suitable for the situation and poetry reading .

the party of Friday evening will be nice, with very special music and of Saturday evening will be certainly very striking.
I think and I hope that it could be a very funny event.

To come in Mantova by plane the simplest solution is fly in Verona and then reach Mantova by train or bus or calling me if there are problems.
In alternative it is possible to fly to Milan or Brescia.

I know that The Standard Deviant unfortunately won’t come…(Hi!woh are you?)
I really hope that someone here will be present!
QUOTE(hartsmar @ Nov 10 2006, 05:16 AM) *

Margherita! Welcome!
First of all, thank you and Marco and your friend for bringing those nice wines.
Second, this means I need to somehow pay a plane ticket to Italy... Damn it.

ehm...who's Marco...? blink.gif

Polo? Or Marco Paolo?

Or.... I have no idea where I got that name from!
And I think this is Margherita, behind M. Pernot, a couple of years ago:

IPB Image

Am I right?
Yes. And that guy in front of her is that Marco... Paolo person.
Cazzo! I just left Milan Saturday morning. I would love to participate in the event, but it will be almost impossible for me to return during that week of December.

I have been educating a few Italian friends about the Green Fairy but it seems impossible to find a traditional style absinthe in the liquor stores of Milan, Lissone and Monza. Unfortunately, the only brands I have been able find that are even close to being worthy of preparing for a first tasting have been Tunnel and La Fee. Despite warning them that flavor is no where close to what I prefer to drink at least I was able to demonstrate the traditional preparation.

I had to choke back a laugh when the proprietor of a store in Lissone told us that Tunell was one of the highest quality Absinthes. There was a brand of “Absinthe” (the name escapes me at the moment) on the shelf next to the Tunnel that offered their product in black, blue and red; one color for each level of alcohol content. I should have snapped a picture with my mobile phone. Anyway, this seems to be the norm in the liquor stores of Lombardy.

In talking with other acquaintances about Absinthe, or Assenzio as they call it, I have found that there are a few people who have tried it but never prepared in the traditional way. Mixing it with coffee seems to be a common practice.

Despite being an oil mix I am curious about the Italian brand by Pastiglie Leone. I have not been able to find it in my travels.

Margherita, Do you know of any stores in or around Milan and Monza that carry any of the higher quality brands?

I will pass on the information about your party to my Italian friends. Do you have an e-mail address where they can reach you if they choose to do so?

Ciao a tutti!

Sounds like a wonderful program, I wish I could make it!

American absinthe parties are just a bunch of people getting together to drink . . . But it's not like we can advertise and charge admission, either.

Best of luck!
Sounds like it would be very nice. My next trip is to the Louvre. On a side note does anyone know if that crazy(in a good way) guy still has that bookstore in Paris? He used to let people stay there for working. I am sure someone here knows who I am talking about.
QUOTE(Djarum @ Nov 13 2006, 08:45 AM) *

Despite being an oil mix I am curious about the Italian brand by Pastiglie Leone. I have not been able to find it in my travels.

Don't be. It's not worth it.

and my review (I guess I'll have to do a score sheet... Ouch)
Wild Bill Turkey
Every time I see the title of this thread, I think it's going to be about a new political force in Italy. I would move there just to vote for them.
Jaded Prole
A different kind of green party?
When is there going to be an absinthe pajama party!?!
LF04 and LCLF05. You missed it.


Now, you must host your own.
Whats the Louche Fest standard? Is it 100% host driven, including bottles and bedding?
Only if it's a pajama party.

And then the host gets to pick whom to drive.
With answers like that I'll never be able to plan a fest.
I'm thinking that, before trying to host an event, you'd do better to find one you can get to and meet some people. Usually by the time someone's opening his home to a bunch of absintheurs, he knows a fair number of the attendees in real life . . . and has figured out how these things operate through experience. Also, where the hell are you? Major transportation hub = good. BFE = bad.

The logistics: People bring booze to share. They provide their own transportation and place to stay. Hosts often provide crashing space for those on limited budgets (thanks again, Slackjaw!) and usually arrange ground transport from the nearest transportation hub (thanks again, Skeeter!).

Typically, people kick in toward food and such for a larger event. Kirk brings sausages. Absomphe brings cheese. Heady P brings Slerpis. Or would, if he were real. Etc.

Thanks, I wondered how that worked.
IPB Image
... the more frightening it becomes!

PW! Regional fests are also possible----FL?
true true....Not in 2006 for me, but after the newer year, maybe many Floridians are in here?!....I want at least one forum celebrity for legitimacy much are their appearance fees these days?
Depends on whether you want the A-list or the B-list.

I'm proudly smack in the middle of the C-list myself, which means a round-trip coach plane ticket from PDX, an Econo-Lodge room, and three "Endangered Species" brand 88% Cocoa chocolate bars.

Fees rise from there.
Thats the type of treatment i would give the Power top 5, sorry trainz, i aint extra pennies go to expensive absinthe.

I am just now sitting here sipping on a glass of the modified Farom Old Blanche.
Figured I'd use this Italian thread for that.

I gotta say, it's nice! Better balanced than the first one I got and certainly a fine absinthe!
I hope to God that you will have this at the Italian absinthe party. (I'm still trying hard to find a flight ticket down there that won't cost me my house...)

Hell, you should make that a release party for the Farom Old Blanche!
It's really a nice addition to a segment that I think is just overly flooded with La Bleues.
I'm getting really bored with those and currently, among Blanches, there are four that I really like and this is one of them.

The best damn absinthe Italy has to offer, as far as I know.

QUOTE(prattwink @ Nov 16 2006, 10:28 AM) *

true true....Not in 2006 for me, but after the newer year, maybe many Floridians are in here?!....I want at least one forum celebrity for legitimacy much are their appearance fees these days?

I hear Fredie's available! He lives in Florida.
He can provide music AND unintentional comedy.

Probably for far less than the price of a C-lister like me. Just a Greyhound ticket and a couple of 40s before the party.
QUOTE(traineraz @ Nov 16 2006, 11:33 AM) *

These guys had their gear stolen in portland,
Uncoupling the phones, Whiteback raised one to his ear reflecting its vacancy in a rimless gaze.

p. 180
This sucks,

Our trailer was stolen. Please help!

October 20, 2013

FRIDAY, OCT 19: We woke to some bad news – a team of thieves stole our entire trailer in Portland, OR early this morning from the Red Lion Hotel parking lot.

But in the face of adversity, we’re pushing on – we are cobbling together equipment to play our show tonight in Seattle, and we’re still on for our dates on the East Coast and Europe. To all those who’ve listened in, tweeted about us, come to our shows, and connected with us in all those other ways: your love in each and every city has been invaluable in keeping us afloat.

We’d appreciate it so much if you would help us replace our stolen equipment. For now, we’ve enabled donations on our website at the link below.

Donate through PayPal

A complete list of what we lost is below. We’re still itemizing, but we are estimating it’s around $20,000. Even the smallest donation will help.

CC Drum set w/hardware in flight cases
Cymbals with flight case
Guitar Amp – Fender Deluxe Reissue in flight case
Gibson Les Paul electric guitar- Goldtop reissue
Fender Telecaster electric guitar- Tobacco Sunburst
Pedaltrain Jr. guitar pedal board w/ assorted guitar pedals
Martin Acoustic Guitar in rectangular flight case
King Baritone Saxophone
Shure Beta 98 microphone
M-Audio 88-key midi keyboard controller in soft roller case
(2) guitar stands
KORG drum pad
Scarlet SI-2 recording interface

To our friends and fans in Portland, please keep an eye out for our equipment and the trailer itself, which is a white and orange U-Haul 6×8, license number GDX050.
Jack Batemaster
QUOTE(G&C @ Jun 9 2013, 02:52 PM) *

They make a pretty good one at the Teardrop in Portland.
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