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Interesting (and a lot of the time a little depressing) to see what people are actually searching for.
Glad to see reality still gets several hits.
Lip balm?...twice! I could have sworn I search "efficacy of Ballz Trippin' whilst on absinth", but I don't see it.
Oxy, if they're coming and searching for KOSG and Reality and Ulex, and getting accurate reviews, then I'd say that's a good thing.
The Standard Deviant
Analysing that search log and comparing with other sources, I can reveal that a user from West Sussex is worried about whether the child of a Val-de-Travers girl is his or of a Louisiana man, and if Ulex will solve all his problems.
Donnie Darko
My favourite search is the one at 12/11/2006 01:57, for an absinthe called "Die".

What a clever brand name. That brand smartly eschews the Ballz Trippin marketing and goes straight for the more notorious poison-wormwood-will-kill-you-dead image.

I tried to search for an absinthe called "Panty Remover" and another one called "Ear Remover", but had no such luck. I wish Hartsmar did a better job of keeping the Buyer's Guide current.
Alyssa Dyane
At the risk of embarrasing myself, I probobly shouldn't say this.... but I actually own absinthe flavoured lip balm, I wear it, and it is yummy. And no, that was not me searching for it.
As long as nobody's searching for me, I'm one happy fugiti...

I mean, camper.
How about a rouge called "Cherry Popper"?
Sounds like someone you'd see on ClubJenna TV.
No, that'd be a rogue.
Un Emile 69? Is that when you take two bottles and turn one upside down and leave the other right side up and then... censored2.gif
QUOTE(traineraz @ Nov 17 2006, 05:27 PM) *

No, that'd be a rogue.

Yeah, I can only imagine what she could do with a bottle of that stuff. chickawow.gif
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