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Full Version: Sorry, late at night...yet another reference
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Came across this on my bimonthly reference on the below link for the reference....
Decent article, well researched...think something was stylistically lost in translation. Oh yeah and they reference a specific "Czech ritual" involving flames that turned my stomach.

Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2006;46(5):365-77. Links
Absinthe--a review.Lachenmeier DW, Walch SG, Padosch SA, Kroner LU.
Chemisches und Veterinaruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Karlsruhe, Weissenburger Str. 3, D-76187, Karlsruhe, Germany.

The alcoholic beverage absinthe is recently experiencing a revival after a yearlong prohibition. This review article provides information on all aspects of this bitter spirit and its major components, especially wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.), which contains the toxic monoterpene chop.gif. Over 100 references on historic and current literature are provided. The topics comprise the history of the alcoholic drink starting from its invention in the eighteenth century. Historical and modern recipes are discussed in the context of different quality categories and possibilities to reduce the content of chop.gif are given. The analytical techniques used to verify compliance with the maximum limit of chop.gif as well as further possibilities for quality control of absinthe are discussed. The toxicology of absinthe is reviewed with regard to the cause of a syndrome called "absinthism," which was described after chronic abuse of the spirit in the nineteenth century. Finally, a food regulatory and food chemical evaluation is provided and minimum requirements for absinthe are suggested. Absinthe should have a recognizable wormwood flavor and after dilution with water the characteristic clouding should arise (louche-effect). Products, which are advertized as being of premium grade should be made by distillation, should have an alcoholic strength of at least 45%vol, and should not contain artificial dye.
Once you buy access to more than the abstract, let us know. abs-cheers.gif
Second that.
Apparently, the forum wouldn't let me upload the 6.12MB pdf. Or a zip file a quarter that size. Guh!

Oxy? Help?

The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments.
Wild Bill Turkey
QUOTE(ripvanmd @ Nov 29 2006, 02:06 AM) *

The alcoholic beverage absinthe is recently experiencing a revival after a yearlong prohibition.

I thought it was longer than that. Jeez, why was everybody so upset, then?
I sent the PDF (and three others) to Oxy. If he doesn't post it/them here, I can email folks. If you can't wait, send me your email addy in a PM.
The Standard Deviant
Copyright issues. . .
QUOTE(The Standard Deviant @ Nov 30 2006, 05:22 PM) *

Copyright issues. . .

Dumbest thing I've read all day, SD. How would the forum software know what I'm uploading? PTFA.
The Standard Deviant
Oh no, I didn't mean that. I meant there are probably reasons other than the file size why it might not be a good idea to upload the whole thing here on a publicly accessible site, indexed by search engines, &c. . .
I hope to have this article up on very shortly, as soon as some technicalities are taken care off.
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