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Full Version: Reputable Resources for Ghetto Wine and Bad Beer
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These were just too good to go unnoticed:

Ghetto Wines

The Tasting Panel

Never-Before Published Images of the Beautiful MD20/20 Production Facility

Bad Beer Dossier with Reviews


On "Meister Brau"

The last time I had this was in high school, and god was it awful. Tinny, greasy, brassy, shitty. I would love to get a case of this swill.

--mark blackout

On "Hamm's"

Really horrible. I drank this one out of a 12 oz. can purchased from Allied Liquors #3, one of my favorite cheap beer/malt spots here in indianapolis. They sell singles of all kinds of low-end shit, with a rotating selection in iced-down coolers. Nice.

I don't blame them for the fact that this shit tastes like malta india with a jigger of heinz white vinegar in it.

no, it wasn't that bad, but the first sip was a real shock. I was speeding down 38th street towards home as the astringent shock hit my tongue and sent me reeling. further sips revealed that yes, Hamm's is horrible, a morbid mockery of a brew. And i love cheap beer!

Do yourself a favor and buy a schlitz or pbr instead..

--mark blackout

On the "7-11" brand:

Yeah, thats right. 7-11 -- like the corner store. Once upon a time they sold their own generic and VERY bad beer. This is as bad as it gets, folks.


Sadly, I may not have been born when these were available. Dynamic (can image) design and overall ballsy bad beer appeal make me think I would have been a buyer.

--mark blackout

The 40oz Society

There is much hard-earned insight to be found here. Enjoy.
Longing for home?
site was worthwhile afterall.

"I gotta score summa dis mad xit, yo!"
Yes Ted I hate to admit it, but I have been a collector of Bum wine, "the proper term used buy the connoisseur". For many years now. abs-cheers.gif

You forgot to include
Donnie Darko is brilliant. I stumbled across that last year and nearly wet myself laughing over their reviews. I may feel sorry for myself reviewing KOSG, but these guys really took one for the team.
I think Boonesfarm has earned a place on the Ghetto/Bum Wine Hall of Shame, even if it the name doesn't have that urban- chic ring to it.
Boonesfarm Cellars.
I think I ran across this bum wines site a year or so ago, where it seems like they actually did some subjective testing based on the hypothesis that there are "substances" in these bottles designed to make them more addicting to homeless bums and the like. Whooda thunk it huh, big business trying to get us all hooked on something!

I'll just stick with absinthe, please. Of course that in itself may eventually cause me to become...a homeless bum! w00t2.gif
Alyssa Dyane
My two favourite bars proudly serve PBR on draft. I think people order it mostly because, well.... they are actually serving PBR on draft. I know I do. harhar.gif
Frank Booth would be proud.
'Fess up. Some of these Ole' Fartz™ look familiar.
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