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Full Version: Did you eat too much at Christmas?
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Jaded Prole
The holidays aren't over until New Years Day!

Alyssa Dyane
I need to start having warnings or something before the snake threads. Everytime I see these dang things I have nightmares for a week. Sheesh. I couldn't tear my eyes away from that vid, either! I'm in trouble tonight.
How do you get a snake to vomit on command? Do you pour ipecac down his throat?
I think they used Hill's.
I think it's probably a survival mechanism, the crowd obviously harassed the thing until it coughed up it's hard won prey (which looks like a wild rodent) in an attempt to escape.
"Did you eat too much at Christmas"?

Too much of whom? evill.gif
Donnie Darko
Lightweight snake. I always hold my hippos.
I've suspected for quite some time that you were actually Kobayashi. evill.gif
My job hardly allows time for us to eat anything, even on holdiays. After seeing the video, I'm rather glad that my stomach is empty.

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