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Felis Catus
Heading page one of my new dictionary:Absent.

Heading the second page:Absinthe.
? *Heading page three: Alcoholic (See Head)* ?
grey boy
Page 4:

Ass, noun, def. looking-up.gif this feel.
Silly creature, that seems to be annoying but in the "end" is fun to play with. neko.gif
Felis Catus

Yes,I am a silly creature. leglamp.gif

I have nearly gotten used to my "nickname" next door.

I hope you are only engaging in a little wordplay.

I like grey cats.You seem like a decent member
of the species. neko.gif Claws in?

looking-up.gif Purrs?
grey boy
My "nickname" is almost as good.

Just havin' fun like looking-up.gif looking-up.gif do, looks rough but no claws come out.

Like I said elswhere an couple nights ago, bring on the absynthe.gif Sugar.gif fairy.gif and I get goofy.
Felis Catus
Advanced Medical Sciences Dictionary.

Page three:Absinthism:A condition associated
with over-consumption of absinthe,a bitter elixir
made from the wormwood plant,which contains a known toxin.

Absinthism can be recognised by allucinations,usually faces of various deformed
creatures seen on televison or computer screens.

Delusions of grandeur are also often present,
with the victim believing he has control over the
behavior of these "creatures."

Physical symptoms first include increased energy,
but the victim soon deteriorates. Lack of balance,numbed tongue,and most dangerous
of all,a breakdown of the function of the liver and

The liver is unable to process the poisonous elixir,and swells greatly.The kidneys begin producing a greenish-white,opaque fluid,and
urgency in urination or even incontinence is not

The brain becomes swiss cheese-like in texture,
and neurons finally cease to function.The only
known remedy is complete head transplant.

A head prosthesis is then attached to the spinal cord
of the victim's body.

Matter from the frontal lobes is salvaged as much as possible,as well as matter from the so-called
reptilian brain.These are placed in the prosthetic
head,along with the latest in bio-engineering

The kidneys and liver are replaced by organs
cloned from the victim's own body,and grown in the
bodies of llamas.

With the resurgence in the popularity of absinthe,
it is feared that more victims will have to undergo
this harrowing procedure.

It can only be hoped that the terrible bitterness
and great expense of this poisonous beverage
will deter most from this dangerous addiction.

Dr Winslow Leach,M.S,Phd,M.D
The Swan Institute of Scientific Medicine

Felis Catus
And I'm not even goofy on absynthe.gif

I notice I left the "h" out of hallucination.

Also,apologies again for paragraph structure.
I ca'n't figger out the rite button to push
to make the words go where there sposed
too. spam.gif
Felis: You are totally MAD...don't ever change darlin' and you think I'm out there...what you just composed oputs "My True Love's Gangrene" to utter shame!!! worshippy.gif worshippy.gif worshippy.gif
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