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Full Version: Finally got to try Pernod (Pastis)
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I had been wanting to try Pernod pastis for a while now but not so much that I felt it justified buying an entire bottle. Over the weekend I finally got my chance...

Most of my mates are motorcyclists and we usually frequent the pubs. This night the scooter girls were with us and they got to pick where we'd go. After the typical deliberation we ended up at a French place just a few blocks from my girlfriends. The place was beautiful, lots of nice old wood and turn-of-the-century wallpaper with elegant decor. On the menu were aperitifs, though there was no Absinthe there was Pernod, Ricard and a few I'd never heard of before. I thought I'd give the Pernod a try and I was glad I did. They served it in a tall thin glass (similar to a tall shot glass) that had a line around it near 30ml though the glass probably had double that in it. It also came with a beautiful little carafe of cold water and a tumbler with ice. My girlfriend laughed as I began to slowly pour the water in, as she usually watches me do this every night at my home when we eat there. I diluted it with about 2 parts water where it had quite a nice louche and poured it into the glass with the ice.

The taste was nice but certainly no Absinthe. The taste was pure anise and alcohol, nice but nothing else there. I thought it tasted like a "cheap" version of the Pernod Absinthe which I have a bottle and I drink often. I was also surprised how much it tasted like Trul 1792.

I would have liked to try the Ricard as well but that would have been a little too much drink, especially considering the party hadn't even started yet. Fortunately there's always next time.

PS. The food was pretty good too biggrin.gif
Cros and I went to as Pastis bar last summer, and we tried a whole slew of pastis. They all pretty much tasted exactly the same, with a couple notable exceptions that I can't recall the name of.
Donnie Darko
Good Arak is better than most Pastis I've had.
Modern Herbsaint is also better than most Pastis I've had.
Pastis sucks.
Except for Henri Bardouin and Muse Verte.
QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Jan 16 2007, 07:55 PM) *

Except for Henri Bardouin and Muse Verte.

And a few others like the Ponsec from Pontarlier (though they're called 'anisés', not 'pastis').
Wild Bill Turkey
I've heard good things about Prado. Anyone familiar with it?
Jaded Prole
Turkish Raki -- it's the raisin wine base.

Not bad with a little Wormwood Blanche added either.
Alyssa Dyane
I like Prado. I have a bottle of it at home.
I would like to visit the Prado.
It's truly magnificent, although a little top-heavy in El Greco.
The Standard Deviant
El Prado is great. El Greco, Velázquez, Goya. Do visit one day.
I like good Pastis, and I've tried all the ones available in the US. Prado is the worst, and that's saying a lot because most of them are pretty bad.
Wild Bill Turkey
I'll agree that's saying a lot, since most pastis is nothing but straight star anise. What would you do to make it the worst pastis, add urine? Seriously, what makes it so bad?
Jaded Prole
Sambuca is pretty horrible -- I think it's the added sweetner.
QUOTE(Wild Bill Turkey @ Jan 17 2007, 12:22 PM) *

I'll agree that's saying a lot, since most pastis is nothing but straight star anise. What would you do to make it the worst pastis, add urine? Seriously, what makes it so bad?

You'd actually use less star anise and much more sugar, and then you'd have Prado. It is the cheapest (at least it was back when I tried it) so you won't be out much -- but jelly beans are even cheaper and taste the same.
I find pretty much any anise drink that's been heavily sweeted to be undrinkable. Sambucca's the worst offender that I've tasted. Ouzo that's sold in the US and most kinds of Pastis come in pretty close too. It's a pity that it's all anyone seems to stock in the US.
Ouzo gives me headaches. I think it's the mastic in the taste that I don't like as well. But I have a bottle of it for those occasions where I'm really desperate.
QUOTE(speedle @ Jan 18 2007, 09:09 AM) *

Ouzo gives me headaches.

QUOTE(Wild Bill Turkey @ Jan 16 2007, 01:14 PM) *

I've heard good things about Prado. Anyone familiar with it?

Whenever in warsaw and there is nothing better to drink left, Prado remains the best, cheapest option as far as PdM's go. The prices have decreased recently, even Ricard is as cheap as fuck if it had not been for it one-dimensional taste, at least to me.

I have reviewed Prado here, so just have a look

Pastis a'lancienne of course is much, much better, and believe me, I have not had really excellent anis so far, so that type remains the most demanding per se.

Sambuca is great, but must be done properly and painstakingly, like Sambuca di Arturo Vaccari.
Wild Bill Turkey
Thanks for the link to that review, I missed it before. I've been wondering about the Prado, because it seems to be a "fad" drink right now.
In Poland, it has filled the niche between Pernod anis and Ricard PdM when they were sold for exorbitant prices, and as such appeared probably in this year, sold only in 50cl.

Some hypermarkets/supermarkets have launched their own products but they have gained neither popularity nor zest for among the potential consumers.
PradO?! Ahhh......all this time I was thinkin' bags and shoes.
QUOTE(Nymphadora @ May 27 2007, 04:43 PM) *


Hey, I thought you said that hair color didn't come out of a bottle!
No, she said it was fightin' words.
Yeah, she really knows how to skirt an issue, doesn't she?
Wild Bill Turkey
QUOTE(Nymphadora @ May 27 2007, 03:43 PM) *

PradO?! Ahhh...
I see we've been reading "The Devil Drinks Prado".

QUOTE(absinthist @ May 27 2007, 02:24 PM) *

it has filled the niche between Pernod anis and Ricard PdM when they were sold for exorbitant prices

No kidding. I just got back from my local liquor superstore, where a 75cl bottle of Ricard was priced at $30.00, and the litre bottle of Prado was marked at $23.00.
At present, Pernod 70cl sells for 23 USD, Ricard for 23 USD (some shops carry on for 41 USD, so one has to look out so as not be skrewed) and Prado for 13 USD, if the lesser brands I have mentioned go for 10 USD.

I think, here in Poland the market for strong-anise flavoured spirits has been reborn after really long time, so it is no surprise, seeing at least 5 Sambuca brands, several PdM's scattered over the country, and I believe someone started importing HB as well. But unfortunately no great ouzo so far, just some watered down, one-label crap.

Still, the tendencies are promising and the future looks jaune abs-cheers.gif

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