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Full Version: Cheap Swill
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On impulse, I bought a bottle of Cristal Aguardiente last month. It was only $7 at the nearby expensive snooty wine shop (no, I have no idea why they stock it at all), but even at that price it was a rip-off. There's a faint licorice flavor, but it's not anise or fennel - just bad licorice candy. And this flavor, such as it is, is almost overwhelmed by an unwholesome, swampy alcohol smell, as though a sheep had met its unfortunate end in the distillery. Taken on the rocks, it's nearly tasteless yet mildly repulsive. Even I, offspring of Depression parents who taught their children never to waste food or alcohol, just may sink it.

Here's a photo that hopefully will help someone avoid my mistake:
Click to view attachment

On the plus side: It louches just as well as KOSG! abs-cheers.gif
It sounds like it has mxing potential... maybe a lot or ginger ale would help.
If you like to bake, it may have potential in some sweets as well.

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