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Full Version: An Ad Agency's Idea of Absinth
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Pemberton & Whitefoord unveils new look for absinthe range
LONDON - Pemberton & Whitefoord has created a range of designs for Wine & Spirit International's range of absinthe products with a flavour of 1890s Paris when the drink was at its zenith.

The agency will work on three absinthe bottles, retailing under importer Wine & Spirit International's Hapsburg brand. blink.gif

It coincides with Wine & Spirit International's absinthe re-launch, which has involved a reformulation of the drink's ingredients. Thujone-Bottle.jpg

The products now vary in strength from 72.5% to 89.9%, and the alcohol retailer claims its premium version is the strongest absinthe in the world. wacko.gif

Pemberton & Whitefoord revamped the image having been tasked with encapsulating the era when absinthe was the drink of choice for Europe's youth in the 1890s, when it was painted or depicted by the likes of Monet, Degas and Picasso. It was later banned in Switzerland and France. fairy.gif

Adrian Whitefoord, managing partner of Pemberton & Whitefoord, said: "The perfect centre cameo for the label was found in the form of an original painting owned by Wine & Spirit International managing director Dale Sklar. av-80.gif

"The image depicts a 'lady', with rather flamboyant dress sense, precariously seated outside a Parisian cafe enjoying a generous measure of the fiery fluid. leglamp.gif

"The label shape, typography and colours add to the period feel and empathise perfectly with the elegant bottle." vagina.gif

Is this the same line as the Hapsburg Red label in the brand reviews?

Could be worse I suppose... granted, even with a makeover, I won't spend my own money on this.
89.9% alcohol eh? Noroms.
QUOTE(Selmac @ Feb 6 2007, 01:27 PM) *
89.9% alcohol eh? Noroms.
does the lighter come with it, or is it sold separately?

frat boys, get out yer credit cards and prepare to trpibalzlz....!

interesting alcohol content-- would probably work in newer cars...

what's with this black absinthe? squid ink...?

I don't get this... So, is this some form of analysis of the Hapsburg brand made by some idiot wannabe media mogul moron?

If not, why write something like this in 2007 when all the labels and Hapsburg versions have been available since when - 2002-03?


I can really see how the guy writing this is seriously hoping for a position at Cap&Design. If he doesn't get that, he could live with Wired.
Hold on,

the message may be weak, but with the right celebrity it could sell pretty well!

For a moment, I thought that was an ad for Doubs...
IPB Image

but these really fin-de-siecle's girls will make a good job to such an excellent product, will not they harhar.gif
it's Little Miss Moonshine!
Still, I cannot understand what is the deal. In Poland Hapsburg 89.9% will cost circa 46 USD for 500ml. Let's make an experiment: knowing how complex that assinth is, we need alcohol, sugar, aniseed oil and presumably mint.
500 ml of Finest Polish rectified spirit at 98% costs circa 13 USD, aniseed oil is almost 2 USD and dried mint is either free if picked or if bought less than one USD.
That makes at maximum 16 USD and if we dilute the spirit to 89.9% we shall get slightly more than 500ml, almost 545 ml for the price of just 16 USD and 89.1% - 89.38% to be precise. So, what's the deal at making it something it is not?
QUOTE(sixela @ May 9 2007, 03:05 AM) *

For a moment, I thought that was an ad for Doubs...

Nah, the color looked way too natural. evill.gif
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