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Full Version: Yet another fountain
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Another low cost option. Total cost about 25$.

IPB Image


IPB Image
Very nice. I'm curious to know
what kind of flavor the butter bean lends.
Wild Bill Turkey
That's river rock, to make the fish feel more at home.
Bill, you are correct they are from a trout stream here in Wisconsin. Just used them to displace some of the capacity. If I use it at a large gathering I would prolly omit them.
Hans Conried
Um, removing them wouldn't have any effect on usable capacity because the rocks are below the spigots, right? Just an observation.

Unless of course you plan to pick it up and tip it like an empty keg....
True. I would welcome any suggestions as to what to fill the bottom with that would be non toxic. I had the container so I used it. Diamond hole saw 18$-spigots 7$.
What about sealing in the river rock, or other filler with some clear resin? Once that cured, it should be non-toxic, and non-flavor imparting.

Sea glass

PTFE® (Pay The Fuck Ettention) Balls
Thanks guys, the wheels are now turning.
Hans Conried
Wasn't being critical, just something I noticed. It looks like you have plenty of water in there above the spigots. I don't think you'd have any problems with the stones as long as they have been cleaned/disinfected, and you clean/dry them after use. Same applies to marbles, so why not use your local river rocks, they add character.
Jaded Prole
I think the river rocks are fine and I wouldn't worry that much about disinfectiing (unless the source is really vile). . . as long as they are cleaned. Just store in a box and rinse of the dust before reiusing them.
Yeah Prol, thats pretty much what I had in mind. The idea of sealing something in plastic resin is also interesting. Maybe a spoon and vintage label repro?
Be mindful of the kind of resin you use.
Some of them give off nasty solvents,
amines and deteriorate over time.

You could put just enough water in it that
when it freezes it rises up just under the
spigots, then fill it with your drippin' water.
I guess after sometime it might start floating
up and clog the spigots. Worth a try.

Good idea Head! I don't think it would clog the spigots, I wonder however if the container would crack.

Well it has taken me about five years to actually build the thing. So I will take my time and give a bit o thought.
As long as the water/ice has somewhere to go,
it shouldn't crack.

But, I had one of those modern Pernod pitchers with
the plastic hat and feather, I think because it was slightly
egg shaped the glass carafe broke.

Like this one.

QUOTE(Wild Bill Turkey @ Feb 11 2007, 06:49 AM) *

That's river rock, to make the fish feel more at home.

Or Sea Monkeys.
If I could seal it properly I would put a gold fish on the bottom!
Jaded Prole
or one of those fancy blue octopi!
Just steer clear of the SeaMen
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