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Full Version: What exactly were they thinking!?
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Well now, let's see...

Besides the dish, a faggot is a bundle of sticks in Britain.

The Doody family is apparently a fan of faggots, which may indicate, given their name, that they enjoy crapping out the British version Lincoln Logs on a regular basis, and that they're proud of that ability.

Perhaps they will be the first stars on a new Brit reality show based on the website

Hey, viking_emoticon.gif , you posted that crap, and definitely in exactly the right place! harhar.gif abs-cheers.gif
The Standard Deviant
I don't think I know anyone who eats faggots. Well, not that kind of faggot.

If you're going to eat them, surely it would be better to make your own and know where the offal is coming from? Hmm.
Regardless, they're queer for sure.
Jaded Prole
Those tasty faggots!
Just what this forum needed, a thread on eating faggots in the Corn Hole.
I suppose you can think of a better place to stick it?
The Standard Deviant
The Cake Hole.
The Newgate Calendar.
Either way, it's in the Monkey's Hole.
Jaded Prole
Speaking of monkeys . . .
Take that, Creationist mofos!
As for food names, it's right up there with "spotted dick." Unlike the faggots, at least spotted dick sounds appetizing.
Ummmm, no. Sounds like an STD.
How true. It does sound like an STD.

However the ingredients of the spotted dick appeal to me more than pork liver.

Alice the absinthe eater
QUOTE(Jaded Prol @ Mar 7 2007, 11:47 AM) *

Speaking of monkeys . . .

those monkeys are alright.
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