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Full Version: Eva Cassidy
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I don't know how I've managed to not hear her voice until now, but they played her version of "What a Wonderful World" on the radio here this morning, and I had to pull the car over and listen. Have just read up on her (she died in 1996 at the age of 33) and ordered her CDs from Amazon.

I'm sure she's old news to many of you, but if you haven't heard her sing, you must.
That's one more thing we have in common, Oxy! Check out "Fields of Gold."
She was a local legend aound Washington. No major label would touch here because they couldn't put her in a marketing box, i.e., folk, blues, jazz, etc. since Eva was all of those, sometimes on a single song. After hearing one of her demo tapes, Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go, refused to believe she was white until he met her and saw her sing. In addition to her better known CDs, make sure to listen to them together on The Other Side.
if you haven't heard her sing, you must.

Yes, I was similarly floored the first time I heard her sing.

A wonderful singer, with tremendous range and clarity, reminisant of Mini Riperton. I however do not like the way she is being produced and recorded. To popoish with over use of midi and reverb.
Not to change the subject too much but, anyone seen a movie called "Shultze Gets The Blues"?
funny, realist movie, German with subtitles.
Yes, I really enjoyed all that Germanic humor, and it was quite poignant, in its quiet way.

It was a shame poor Schultze didn't get to enjoy his natural appreciation for Zydeco music a little longer before he bit it, though.

I was also a little disappointed that Ted didn't turn up in a cameo.
QUOTE(Kirk @ Mar 6 2007, 08:08 PM) *

Not to change the subject too much

I'm glad you never changed it too much.
Alyssa Dyane
I love the movie "Shultze Gets The Blues"! It was recently playing On Demand on cable, and I must have watched it a dozen times. Classic!

Sadly, no video on the second one, but both performances are stunning.

I hope David enjoys these when he gets back.
Eric, both of those links go to the same video. But thanks, I enjoyed it very much. I heard that version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" before and loved it, but I didn't know who the artist was.
Thank you so much Spoon!

I fixed it now.


Thank you.
Listening to Somewhere, 12 newly released tracks by Eva Cassidy.
Saw that on Itunes. Worth the buy?
It depends on how much of a fan of you are. It's not in the same league as Live at Blues Alley (which needs to be remastered and re-released), her work with Chuck Brown or even some of the earlier posthumous releases such as Eva by Heart. By now, the vault's getting a bit thin. Still, if you crave her voice, go for it.

Otherwise, check out Tracy Nelson's Move On.
I love her voice. I'll get it.

If you don't have this yet, you want to get it,
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