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Full Version: Absinthe shops (france)
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My girlfriend is going to France, Paris I'm sure will be part of it. She is willing to bring back a couple of bottles for me. Is absinthe in all liquor shops? Or do only a few specialty shop carry absinthe? If I am saving on shipping I'd like to get some Jades. Aside from the shipping charge, does it turn out to be much cheaper per bottle than the online stores?
She needs to go see Luc.

You two aren't real serious are you?

The Standard Deviant
Vert d'Absinthe is the only shop to go for. Alcohol in general is cheaper in France as the tax is lower than that paid when ordering from UK-based online shops. I don't think the Jade is that much cheaper, but the killer deal in Vert d'Absinthe is litre bottles of Blanchette.
Love is a river, I'm sure Luc will treat her well, or he may find himself in the river.
Watch yourself. He knows the Mafia™ very well. guillotine.gif
Heure Verte
Send the american girl ! :)
Luc’s a gentleman. Luc, we are coming to see you this summer and we are bringing our own plane.
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Send the american girl ! :)

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