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Full Version: Cork extraction.
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Thegreenimp brought this to my attention:
Nice but useless, it only works if your bottle is empty (or partly empty), it doesn't work for a full bottle you've just uncorked (try fitting a plastic bag in full bottle).
The Standard Deviant
Pour the liquid into another container?
QUOTE(mthuilli @ Mar 15 2007, 03:01 PM) *

Nice but useless,

Whoa, that's like so harsh, dude.
Good point SD abs-cheers.gif

Oxy, it was not directed to your post but directed to the guy who is making it with an empty bottle. But after reading SD's post, now my post is useless.
Now let me hide myself somewhere very far
And if you collect old bottles, you will periodically buy an empty one with a cork inside. It's nice to have a way of getting it out. So there Frenchie. harhar.gif
Let's start again (SD, can you make me a new avatar with a tree or a pylon in front of my sock puppet?) :

Thanks Greenimp and Oxy for sharing it, that's a very good technique for extracting a cork once you've poured the liquid out or if you buy an empty bottle with a cork still inside.

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another bad day in froggies land, where's the airport?
We'll let you stay this time, but don't let this kind of thing happen again.
And this explains why Mr. Oxygenee is the official absinthe bottle consultant to the U.S. government.
Shhhh...I prefer to keep the full extent and nature of my US government connections quiet.
Very interesting, I'll admit, I could not see where he was going with that, right until the cork popped out, I had no idea how it was going to happen.
Actually it was very handy for rescuing this marked 1930s Herbsaint cork.

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