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Full Version: Intl GHB & Chemical Drug Conference...
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Summary: Top experts present on all aspects of GHB abuse (addiction, overdose, death, DUI & drug rape), plus current info on MDMA (Ecstasy), ketamine, meth, DXM, prescription drug abuse, over-the-counter product abuse, salvia divinorum, absinthe, DNP, etc. Three tracks of training run simultaneously. Track II is geared to law enforcement.

I'd love to be present to hear what is said.
Ok, found this at the official site (

Roger Jadosz, RI, Presentations re abuse of the drugs absinthe & DNP
From the Rhode Island Community Planning Group:
Roger Jadosz, RN, BSN is a nurse with over 20 years of experience. Since 2000, Mr. Jadosz has been a health educator and nurse at the University of Rhode Island, where he founded the Designer Drug Awareness Program and Project GHB. He trains on the effects and dangers of designer drugs throughout the state, and provides other training and medical services to students at the university. Mr. Jadosz also works with Phoenix House in the detoxificaton unit, and with the Rhode Island Department of Corrections as a per diem nurse.

Jaded Prole
Maybe we should send him a sample of absinthe and some real information so he doesn't present a bunch of crap about halluncinations, seizures and murderous rampages in which ears fly.
Yes, he seems like a real expert on "the drug" absinthe.
He scares me.
I heard he's a pedophile.... unless he says nice things about absinthe, in which case he'd be swell.
This sounds like a situation where headhoncho of Oxygenee, Ltd. should contact said "health educator" and from his bully pulpit of absinthe information educate him.
I agree, coming from anyone else wouldn't carry the same weight. Besides the fact that drawing this mans
attention seems like a delicate matter.
Jaded Prole
but at least Oxy lives outside beyond his reach in the civilized world.
The Jade Man
The list of topics appears to comprise substances that are uncontroversial among US law enforcement, excepting absinthe which is simply obscure, and I doubt absinthe will get special treatment. These lectures cannot be a good thing, in my view.
GHB is a VERY misunderstood drug. Granted the lecture series was not soley based on gamma hydroxybutyrate. But come on... Give us a break with the inclusion of Absinthe as a psychotropic.
I would really be curious to hear what is actually said about Absinthe. I don't understand how it can be discussed with drugs such as meth.
Jaded Prole
No doubt they'll cite Jad Adams and other know-nothings about excited neurons, violent potential, seizures, hallucinations, and jumping off cruise ships . . .
It would be very interesting to hear or read what was said. This was on the program regarding absinthe:

Absinthe: It’s Re-Emergence in America

Roger F. Jadosz, R.N./Health Educator
University of Rhode Island
Project GHB/Team Rhode Island

I. Absinthe: Myth & Reality

a. What is it?
b. History of absinthe use/abuse
c. How served
d. Effects
e. Famous users: Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemmingway, etc.

II. Absinthe Then & Now

a. What is the problem?
b. What does it really do?
c. So what is “wormwood”?
d. Scientific data
e. Why banned before scientific studies done?
f. Why the comeback NOW?

III. Source & Status

a. Who’s making it?
b. US laws

Learning objectives

Participants will be able to:

1) Have an understanding of and be able to explain the history of Absinthe
2) Explain the effects of Absinthe to others
3) Identify signs and symptoms of use
4) Explain why Absinthe are being used
5) Appreciate why this information is valuable in order to curtail abuse.
Reading their May 06 newsletter they obviously don't care for facts as much as hearsay and myths.

QUOTE(hartsmar @ Apr 2 2007, 08:46 AM) *

It would be very interesting to hear or read what was said. This was on the program regarding absinthe:

Absinthe: It’s Re-Emergence in America

He needs to keep off the drugs if he wants to spell correctly.

I was about to suggest that you could provide a workshop on "Apostrophe Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions".
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