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Full Version: Probably the only Polish painting absinthe-related
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Have a look and tell me if the bottle in the back is actually a bottle of absinthe, if any. The colours might be different in reality (the blouse is blue not green) and it looks more like a pastel than oil but I have not had the pleasure of seeing it in original.
Moreover, it seems to be the only absinthe-related painting from Poland. Our artists have been painting Montmartre, Moulin Rouge and such but no one AFAIK concentrated on depicting absinthe in his works.

and close-up of the bottle (a bit cloudy, I know)

FYI, the company that was importing French absinthe to Polish market was J.A.Baczewski but I cannot say if the painting itself was painted in France or in Poland.
Wild Bill Turkey
That doesn't look like a bottle of absinthe to me. You've put the word "absinthe" in quotes. Does that mean it's the official title of the painting? And if it is, do you know if the artist gave it that name?
Naming is for dealers and they change it all the time.
The painting functions either under the name of "Absinthe" or "After absinthe" and the artist was actually staying in Paris in years 1887-92 so the painting might have been created there. Andrychiewicz was known for putting names, notes etc on the canvas so the title might be attributed to him.
If it is not absinthe bottle, what kind of bottle it is?
On the label, there almost looks to be a Polish falcon, but it's too blurry to be sure.

Polish vodka, perhaps?
She definitely has the thousand yard stare, if there were no bottle in the picture you might think this painting
is called "absinthe" just because of her look.
I can believe the artist was painting absinthe, that would make the bottle a real puzzle.
QUOTE(Absomphe @ Apr 17 2007, 07:15 AM) *

On the label, there almost looks to be a Polish falcon, but it's too blurry to be sure.

Polish vodka, perhaps?

I thought so, but "Czysta z czerwoną kartką" which the label might be a reminscence of was launched in 1946. Yet the puzzle remains.
The painting is included in Benoit Noël's "Absinthe - muse des peintres" with the title "Après l'Absinthe", so at least he thinks it has some validity.
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