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Full Version: "The Salon" by Nick Bertozzi
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Hemingway's Hangover
The Salon is a "graphic novel" murder-mystery that portrays the most influential painters and artists of the belle epoque, including Leo and Gertrude Stein, Apollinaire, Henri Matisse, George Braque and a hilariously ribald Picasso as they follow a mysterious blue female serial killer who rips the heads from the bodies of her unfortunate avant-garde victims.

Between bouts of whoring and flashes of artistic brilliance (Braque and Picasso create Cubism while staring out the window of a moving train in the middle of the narrative), the cabal of creatives chase the mysterious murderess through their own paintings with the aid of a magic blue absinthe discovered by Paul Gaugin, who has disappeared mysteriously and is presumed dead.

The story begins when the Steins invite George Braque to their salon and induce him to swallow a draught of the potion, which sends him spinning straight into a painting by Rousseau. Absinthe in this narrative is the tool of transport to magical realms, a place where every artistic creation exists as its own complete universe.

The art is undeniably comic-based but the use of color is intruiging and the story is very well crafted. It will make a fine addition to any collection of modern absinthe-related literature.

Nice catch abs-cheers.gif Here we can see the first few pages:
Sounds very interesting. Perhaps I will add it to my (somewhat lengthy) Amazon Wish List.
interesting indeed, I do not doubt that many extraordinary events that have happened in the beginning of 20th century among well-known artists, writers and poets have become legends. That gives reasons to create new myth, and if people find that attractive nowadays, why not to "draw" one more. I don't deny - I would like to have it, too :)

May I ask - have you seen or heard of something alike?
I got my copy last week. It's great.

To give you a flavour, here's the scene introducing Picasso (and his meat and two veg).
And here's the explanation of blue absinthe's mysterious powers...
And to return to Picasso (and his meat and two veg), here is the great artist at dinner, er....I'm afraid there's no easy way to say this...pleasuring a roast chicken.
Wild Bill Turkey
We will approach the importer of the [blue] absinthe whose offices are in Marseille...

Obviously this comic book is shilling for Frédéric Bernard at Maison du Pastis

IPB Image

Wild Bill Turkey
Oh, and Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.
Cale or Bowie version?
With or without the Modern Lovers?
Wild Bill Turkey
Took me longer to get a copy of this than I expected. ( I finally got it on ebay )

It's great. It really has a lot of atmosphere, some terrific unexpected period details, and a great sense of fun. The portrayal of Picasso is hilarious throughout.
Just finished reading it too, and it's indeed an interesting comic. Well written, love the drawings (esp. the colors) and its setting & use of absinthe add an extra dimension to the whole. Nice! abs-cheers.gif
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