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Full Version: Betty
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I've never when with her, you guys saved me from that, so I don't know from experience, but it she may have disappointed a few of her clients with high prices, lost absinthes, and false claims of antique glass/spoons (if you couldn't detect the sarcasm in the last sentence, it was there).

So, my point is should we have a place for her on the vendors list, in the same way we have one for KOS(G) in order to warn others?
Relieved as we are that you haven't been with her, I think it's safe to say that putting up a "non-recommended vendors" list would be asking for lawsuits (from Betina or from anyone else who might earn a position on such a list).

You'll note that KOSG gets a score, like every other absinthe, but is not officially labeled as something one should not buy.
Good point, I didn't think about that.
She's here already, ptfa!
I've not heard mention of her for some time. Is she still actually in business?
It was about a year ago that heard she was all washed up.
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ May 1 2007, 05:58 AM) *

I've not heard mention of her for some time. Is she still actually in business?

Dunno, butt...™
How was she/it?
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