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Full Version: Never say a forum works...
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Someone said the lounge worked just a few days ago..

It looks like the database has gone south - possibly a disk failure, from the SQL error?

Talk about tempting fate...
The Lounge works fine.
Jaded Prole
It was just a test.
grey boy
I can only read but cunt log-in,
let me back in fuckers!
At one time I thought the use of words to express ideas was near death, now I think it's morbid.
So; anyone notice? Every sentence starts with "so" now? Reporters, scientists, writers and politicians all start with just "so". The word was useful at one time, now it's the same as "um", or "uh". You can track the state of the universal mind by it's filler words, 2 years ago it was "really", but that was a more aggressive time, it was popular to be mean, pop got shocked so now it's just;
So (pause) what?
So I was thinking about this the last few days too.

It's funny you should bring it up…
Jaded Prole
Interesting observation. Many cliche and stock phrases are over used and even strung together by the unimaginative to create the illusion of language or speech. Those phrases do vary but some really irritate me like "at the end of the day." Also, speech itself is affected by style. The replacement of T's within words by the glottal stop among many African Americans and hip-hop wannabees happened about 15 years ago and now has become a learned and passed on speech defect. The major media are complicit as newpapers and TV dumb down the language in their contempt for the public (which seems to get dumber in response).
Proving the fluoride is working…
Jack Batemaster
QUOTE(Kirk @ Jan 16 2012, 05:40 AM) *

You can track the state of the universal mind by it's filler words

But what about its punctuation?
R3al Caravano
I watched the network news the other week and I was dumber for it. [Insert common occurrence] will do you harm. Up next here is why, [insert some idiot (expert)]. [Followed by ten year old text speak (to sound with the times)]. …Thanks Dan.
Not working anymore. Butt no boring, trite, overworked phrases. Ever.

Ravi Shankar
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