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Full Version: pink absinth(e)?
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Alice the absinthe eater
While at my fiancée's house today I happened to be reading Spin magazine and there was an interview with Marilyn Manson. In this interview the person interviewing Manson is given a 'clear goblet of pink absinthe' which he drinks and says is 'refreshing and licorice flavored'. he later goes on to drink some blue absinth(e) in Mansons kitchen.

i'm thinking that the "pink absinthe" was serpis under some odd lighting but who knows.

anyone see the czechsinthe in the first scene of Hostel part 2?
just goes to show if you are bumb enough to drink czechsinthe bad things happen to you.
Alice the absinthe eater
just goes to show, don't drink and post because you may not even be able to type dumb without making a typo.
louched liver
Super insightful.

Alice the absinthe eater
one of these days Liver, someones going to walk right up to you and piss in your mouth.
No they won't.

gun thug.gif
louched liver
You mean w/out
me payin'
for it?
She's a little slow.
louched liver
They took
her EEG
on calendar
...and they're still waiting for a spike this month. year.
louched liver
Holy fuckxit,
me and da
tagged up on
the bitch!
grey boy
Hell has officially frozen.
Both of the preceeding events were as unlikely as me climbin' on the wagon.

Damn, I need a drink.
Um, you do know that Alice is a guy, right?

Not that you humpers would care. If it is still breathin', right?

Not a requisite even then, if the humper happens to be CeeGee.

And just cuz he says he's a guy, doesn't necessarily convince us.

It's just the internet, fer cryin' out loud.
grey boy
I believe I've pointed that out before,
but don't let it get in the way of a good hazing.

edit: that was to Nymphy,
not about humping CG.
I thought having to hump Celtic was part of the hazing process.
Only at Forest Lawn.
Reality forums, who'd a thought?
louched liver
Fucker's still
a bitch no matter
the sexation in
my libro.
Alice the absinthe eater
Not that you humpers would care. If it is still breathin', right?

i'm still breathing. none of you can put out even one precent of the verbal abuse that I get from my fiancée.

so go right ahead say whatever you like, because i'm not going anywhere.

as far as the whole male/female thing goes depends on the day you talk to me.
Sounds like a healthy relationship that should go far.
Alice the absinthe eater
if you can both take a ton of shit and still stick around than yeah. it does.
people who never get in fights don't really know each other.
..........from Ike Turner's "Book of Love"
QUOTE(Alice the absinthe eater @ Jun 14 2007, 08:59 PM) *

people who never get in fights don't really know each other.

Let's never fight.
louched liver
QUOTE(Alice the absinthe eater @ Jun 15 2007, 12:59 AM) *

people who never get in fights don't really know each other.

Untrue. They just don't fight.
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