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Full Version: Guitar Hero II
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Donnie Darko
I'm tired of talking about absinthe. It's boring, it doesn't make you trip, and now it's legal.

So I got Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360, and it makes me hallucinate. I'm not kidding. The game is awesome, it's basically guitar Karaoke, except not quite as good as playing a real guitar, but it's still a lot of fun. It has this conveyor-belt fret board that comes at you fast with buttons hilighted that you have to hit at the right time, otherwise it sounds bad and the audience boos you off stage. The problem is that after staring at that fret board conveyor-belt for even 10 solid minutes, if I stop and look away at anything that's not moving like that, the stationary object looks like IT is moving. No kidding. My carpet looked exactly the way it would under the influence of a mild hallucinogen, all wavy and squirmy and what not. Of course that illusion goes away after a couple of minutes, but I thought it was funny. It's a lot like when you spin around a bunch and when you stop it looks like the world keeps spinning.

So absinthe does not make you trip balz but Guitar Hero does...
If I ordered that online it would prolly ship faster.

gun thug.gif
Guitar Hero is also addictive. I went to my friend's house and we were up 'til 2 AM jamming on a plastic guitar.

Yeah, I need a life.
Donnie Darko
Yeah, you should put down that plastic guitar and spend more time on the internet.
I'm finding the internet has been getting in the way of my drinking.
Lord Stanley
I've played it a couple times. I was seeing those damn colored circles everywhere after a head-to-head showdown (or whatever it's called) playing Free Bird. Damn Skynyrd and their 10 minute guitar solos.

It's a good thing the game doesn't have any songs by The Who or I might've been tempted to Townshend the controller by the end.
Stanley, you can download songs to add to the playlist.
Lord Stanley
Thanks for the tip but I don't actually have the game.
Played it at a friend's house one night.
I played the first Guitar Hero once. Not being able to work with the weird, plastic guitar enough to play a super-easy song like Symphony of Destruction drove me insane.
Donnie Darko
The hardest part is if you actually know the songs on real guitar. You keep trying to play what you hear rather than what you're seeing and it screws you all up. I beat it yesterday on medium mode, but it was nearly impossible. I can't imagine what expert mode is like. Playing Dick Dale on a piece of plastic is maddening. And while I hate Freebird (you can tell the makers of Guitar Hero do as well), what happens when you have to play that song is fucking hilarious, on par with some of the best moments in Spinal Tap. I nearly got booed off stage during the Freebird solo but managed to catch up to it half way through.

The game is more addictive than any drug. I can see why the Tiger's relief pitcher Joel Zumaya injured his arm on it. I had forearm cramps by the end.
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