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Full Version: Alembic with absinthe...
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Just finished, still wet. It's hard to take a photo of this without getting any glare in it, jeez.

IPB Image

Larger sized image link:
Yes, still is wet. What medium do you use for dilution?
Holbein "Oil Painting Special", a Japanese brand. Not sure what's in it but it works.
Could be this?

There is also very good white spirit that fastens the drying of coats:

I am still loyal to my cyclohexanone.
Yup, that's it. Holbein is a very good brand. I kind of like a slow drying medium. This painting was done in 3 sessions, each about 3-4 hours long. I'll let it dry anywhere from a day to 2 weeks depending on how lazy I am and go work on something else. After a few days I spray it with re-touch varnish. After it dries for 6 months (if I still have it) then I varnish it and the colors really pop out.
I used to use gloss varnish but have abandoned the practice and now once they are dried, they are framed or hanged (not always in that order). With cyclohexanone painting dries completely within few days (only pastoso parts might be a bit sticky).

I was, however very satisfied painting with oil pastels diluted with varnish; quite amazing gloss-matt results.

You create very original landscapes, btw. Very calm and reserved.
(if I still have it)

I certainly hope you don't still have it by then.
Nice work, let's trade!
Wicked painting… I want it!!! PM if there are prints!

Excellent work! Beautiful!
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