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Full Version: Ta-dah! The Absinthe Forum Archives
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The Forum is Dead! Long live The Forum!

Due to popular demand and an increase in disk storage from my provider, I have laboriously organized and indexed The Absinthe Forum Archives™...

Can also be accessed via the pull down menu at the top under Absinthe Forum or from the sitemap.

I have tried to re-index the sometimes embedded archives, so they all should be available from the front index, as well as from deep within the archives.

Some images are broken, but many are still there.

At one point, there was great loss of data, and there is some info that is just gone. Sorry...

Go grab a glass and sit yo'sef down this weekend and have a giggle.
Wow, what a trip looking at that earliest batch of posts from the "Absinthe Book"! There are two from me posting as sisyphus2000 on there, back when I was using WebTV (!). I think the one on May 15th, 1998 might be my very first post (post #95). There are a few from Ted on there posting as Antoine Breaux, which I actually remember reading way back when. Some of your posts also sounded familiar, Kallisti. Thank you so much for posting the archive!
Nope, I was wrong about my first post. It was on March 19th, 1998: Here it is in it's entirety (since it's not TOO embarassing!):

Name: gregor
E-mail address:

hello all absinthusiasts!!!!! just got the book ABSINTHE:HISTORY IN A BOTTLE, and it's fantastic! a must have! anyway, this may i'm going to england for the first time, and i was wondering if there is anyway to get some absinthe while i'm there? oh,by the way, for some good absinthe related footage, see TOTAL ECLIPSE, the film about rimbaud & verlaine.......quite a few absinthe scenes!!!! later...

Ahh, the memories!....
Marc Chevalier

Just spent a few minutes perusing the 2001 archives ... re-reading some of Don's posts. When Don was at his best, there were few better.

Walsh Witman, R.I.P. Tombstone2.gif
Marc Chevalier

And here's a rant from the "Staticburst" troll (August 28, 2001):

"also, i will make a pledge that you will see come true: JADE WILL NOT BE RELEASED IN 2001.
maybe not even in 2002 ...."

Sadly, he was right.

Donnie Darko
I'm glad they're back. Reading the hail of bullets between Don, Ted & Dr. O is always good for perspectives sake.

just shows to go ya, it's all been said and done before, but some people just don't like to read...
What a trip down memory lane... Sadly, I couldn't find my first post: "Homemade vs commercial". That one begot, if I remember correctly, the longest thread ever...over 500 posts.

But for sheer entertainment value, the fight between Don and Terminus takes the trophy...

This is far more civilized Forum (and it has to be that way) but sometimes I miss banging at the keyboard, foaming green at the mouth...
sometimes I miss banging at the keyboard, foaming green at the mouth...

Me too O.

Only now...

I don't have to dial in anymore.

user posted image
Cool avatar, head.


I haven't been here long enough to appreciate alot of what is in these archives, but it is still interesting to look at.
Jack Batemaster
QUOTE (morgueann @ Aug 4 2004, 11:39 PM)
Cool avatar, head...

Looks just like DGLeadbetter!
There is an inherent "bear-like" quality
in most Absinthe drinking men.
CG's the bear, DG's the monkey, but hey, absinthe turns most of us into some kind of animal!

Hey, Butthead,,,

I said monkey butt. heh heh heh heh!

Shut up, Bevis! huh huh huh huh !
QUOTE (Dr_Ordinaire @ Oct 1 2003, 06:00 PM)

This is far more civilized Forum (and it has to be that way)

Why is that?
Because virtual life, is more than a virtual bar, duh.
I'm s-o-o-o proud of myself! I found a couple of old Forum items that feature exchanges between Artemis, Don Walsh & myself that I hope others find interesting. (Now, if I could only find the exchanges I had with Marc Campbell & Anatomist...)
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