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Full Version: New Belgium's La Folie
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Hemingway's Hangover
I love living in Colorado & I love this beer. Anyone else familar with this sour nectar?

“The idea was to create an intentionally sour effect, though not as intense as that in the famous Belgian beer, Rodenbach. The finished beer, called La Folie, has a dark pinkish-amber color; a sustained bead; a toffee-like start; then apple and passion fruit notes. The label suggests that the beer be left to breathe for ten minutes. During that period, firmness and acidity seem to come to the fore. Quite sour in finish but a beautifully balanced beer.”

Michael Jackson, Beer Writer

And damn is it good.
Yuppers, terrific wood aged sour beer, quite comparable to Rodenbach Grand Cru.

I've got a few bottles of the 2004 batch, and they've aged beautifully.
However, Rodenbach is better and less expensive.
Hmm, I live here and haven't heard of it yet. Should you ever come to Brussels, lemme know and we'll go to the Delirium Café (Guinness book of records: 2004 different beers). They have (almost) every belgian beer and, best of all, it's located right in front of the Floris bar, with over 200 absinth(e)s wink.gif (and whisky's, tequilas, rhums, etc.). pirate2.gif
It's the New Belgium Brewery.

Fort Collins, CO 80524 USA
QUOTE(G&C @ Jul 7 2007, 09:32 PM) *

However, Rodenbach is better and less expensive.

My opinion of A varies with the day, I think they're neck, and neck.

B is undeniable, however.
Like I said.™
Le Gimp
I just put a couple of bottles of Alexander in the refrigerator. At $1 a bottle it can't be beat. Too bad they don't make it any more.

Never had the La Folie yet. Some day maybe.
grey boy
La Folie, damn good, but pricey as mentioned.
Jaded Prole
Can't get it where I live (or Rodenbach as far as I know).
Le Gimp
I havn't seen Rodenbach in the soters here in years. I bought a case of Alaxander shortly after they discontinued it in 2000 and it was on sale for $1 a bottle. I bought a half a case of the Grand Cru at the same time although it was $3.29 a bottle. Fortunatly they keep well.
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