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Full Version: Huguet
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Alice the absinthe eater

Reviewed by Alice the absinthe eater 7/29/2007

it's very dark green just like the NS70
very fake looking and the back of the bottle reads as follows

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Wormwood, Aniseed, Colouring.
(Colouring E-102 E-124 E-131)
it also states that the Anis is from china.
I really hope that the NS is not colored in this way because I drank (for the most part) the whole one liter bottle of NS70

louched right away, much too fast.

kinda muddled green with a bit of yellow and some pure white oily stuff at the top

AROMA 15/30
before water: it's minty with alcohol followed by anis(I think star but it's very faint not as over powering as it is normaly)
after water: Nothing. maybe if you are lucky a tiny bit of anis and mint but almost not even there.

it's actually slighty creamy and nice, I like it.

TASTE 17/20
it's not bad at all
after water: refeashing and minty a tiny bit bitter though but it's not a bad bitter after water

when I first opened it I had a sip of it neat and although the alcohol is too heavy it has a nice flavor if you are not looking for something perfumy. the flavor neat is in one sense very full.

I enjoyed this glass of it, I have to say that if the coloring was fixed and maybe something else was used it would have ranked higher for me.

I would also like to add that this was the same bottle that was used for the other review by Kallisti in 2006

Alice the absinthe eater scores Huguet 56 out of 100
Alice the absinthe eater
Does anyone know specifically why these all those colorants are banned by the FDA?
Alice the absinthe eater
I'm sure the lips that have touched the bottle increased the flavor profile and made it almost palatable. Either that or 6 years of aging have rendered it "enjoyable"?
What next, Deva 70 will be light and refreshing?
Alice the absinthe eater
I dunno what to say, I really enjoyed drinking it.
I doubt that I will drink much more of it though with those damn colorants.

it's to bad.
Le Gimp
Anise from China is probably Star Anise. It would explain the louche.

Alice the absinthe eater
that makes sense, but it was very weak for star anise.
I'm guessing that it is weak because it has sat around for 6-7 years.
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