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Full Version: Dornier-Tuller Absinthe
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Donnie Darko
I'm not going to do a proper scored review because I don't feel like counting right now, but I'll give a brief overview of this marvelous absinthe.

Colour before water= Hazelnut brown, thoroughly saturated, with bits of brown floaty debris

Nose before water= very very clean, with a great wormwood/anise prefume. Surprisingly not old smelling at all. It smells "pretty".

Colour after water= Hazelnut peach. Yes, it's mostly brown but has a tint that looks a bit like fresh peach juice.

Louched aroma= Water unleashes some angels from this absinthe. At only 2:1 there is a super concentrated fruity fragrance that makes me want to pour the drink into my nose rather than my mouth. It smells that good. By the time I reached 3:1 that fragrance wasn't nearly as pronounced, but still fruity and very clean all the way through.

Taste= This has the best wormwood profile of any vintage Absinthe I've tasted. It has all the floral/fruity characteristics of the plant while very little of the astringent medicinal tastes. In spite of the dead brown colour, this Absinthe is extremely well preserved, and exhibits virtually none of that musty book character I've noticed in other vintage brands. And that's before you even get to how good the anise and fennel in this absinthe are. The anise is rich and fruity and the fennel in the aftertaste is reminiscent of the fennel aftertaste in L'Artisinale. Sweet, creamy and minty all at the same time.

Overall impression= If I could keep this taste on my tongue forever I would be permanently satisfied. Clearly the houses of Pernod and Berger weren't the only people making knockout absinthes back then. This sample was pricey, but well worth it. Dornier-Tuller really knew what they were doing. This is essentially a flawless absinthe.
I'm not so glad you took review writing lessons from Dinky. If'n the post would give me my package, I might have an opinion.
Can't wait to get mine!
Donnie Darko
I forgot to mention mouth feel. It's slightly less thick on the tongue than Berger, PF and Edouard, but still very smooth and no alcohol sting.

Also forgot louche action. It louches FAST. It had already almost fully louched at 1:1, so drip slow from your fountain!

If I were to score it, I'd give it a 94, only really deducting points for the overly rapid louche, slightly less than perfect mouthfeel, and the aroma doesn't fill the whole room like PF, but those are really minor criticisms. Otherwise it's perfect. I can't get the review tool to work and the buyer's guide just comes up as HTML code for some reason, so I'll reformat it into a proper review later.
Wild Bill Turkey
With respect, DD, it sounds like you may have overwatered it. You talk about that in describing how the aroma died off as you pushed the dilution from 2:1 to 3:1. (You said it was almost fully louched at 1:1) Then you describe the mouthfeel as thinnish. Maybe this one is best stopped at 2:1?
Donnie Darko
Possibly, though it tasted really good at 3:1, and I tasted it at 2:1 and it tasted like it needed more water. Low alcohol content absinthes are better at 2:1 but I didn't think the Tuller was a low alcohol absinthe, though there's nothing on the label as far as I can see that measures alc % so I just guessed that 3:1 would be right.
Donnie Darko
OK, I did the review in proper format. I couldn't do it sooner because the review tool wasn't working.

Dornier-Tuller Absinthe circa 1910

Reviewed by Donnie Darko 8/15/2007

Deeply infused Hazelnut, with bits of brown floaty debris.

Louches too quickly, and is not dynamic, but the louche is thoroughly saturated and opaque.

Louched, it has a unique Hazelnut colour with distinctive peach highlights. It holds light well and looks more luminous than the usually dull tones common to other vintage absinthes. Obviously this peachy amber colour was not intentional for what was originally a green absinthe, but it is very attractive looking nonetheless.

AROMA 29/30
Neat, the aroma is very clean with a seductive fruity perfume. At 2:1, you get pristine anise fruit and wormwood flowers. Outstanding and very focused. At 3:1 the aroma had dissipated, but that's my fault for adding a bit more water than it needed, not the fault of the absinthe.

Velvety and smooth, though not as thick as Pernod Fils or Berger.

TASTE 20/20
Perfectly balanced. This has the best wormwood profile of any Pre-ban Absinthe I've had. It has all the floral and citrusy aspects of top quality wormwood with hardly any astringency and bitterness common to the plant. It's also surprisingly fresh tasting, with very little of the old leather taste that tends to occur with very old absinthes. I wouldn't change a thing about the taste.

Apparently Pernod Fils, Edouard and Berger weren't the only distillers making pristine Absinthe before the ban. This is a top shelf absinthe with a distinctive and satisfying flavour that really shows off the Wormwood without being strident. The medals won in its time are well deserved.

Donnie Darko scores Dornier-Tuller 1910 92 out of 100
Hey now! That was a server problem! :)

Oh and... The review is added to the Buyer's Guide and it now has its own thread in the appropriate area as well! YAY!
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