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Full Version: Americas Top 7 Most Hated Substances
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Looks like absinthe made the cut.
Of crap they want to sell.

Our supplier provides you Absinthe imported from one of the only places on Earth with a historic tradition of producing world-class absinthe and never outlawed the tradition, the reigion now known as the Czech Republic. Czech absinthe is the highest in thujone content and thus is the premium and most exotic choice of absinthe. Browse our vendor's selection of elite Absinthe products here.
Funny how they only sell Czech products!

It seems that I like a lot of "America's top 7 most hated substances," although I have never tried stem cells. What do they taste like?
Traineraz beat me to the punch!

Did you see those prices on that crap?
MMMMMMMMM, I like chicken.

The site doesn't sell any. Where can I get some, and is it better fried or baked?
Salvia fun lil smoke there.
Salvia, cigars, fireworks and absinth.
It's like getting a darwin award isn't even hard anymore.
I'm thinking combo pack.
Wild Bill Turkey
I'm thinking cocktail. One that's really spectacular when you light it.
Alice the absinthe eater
I herd dat if u mix Stem sells and absynth dat shit will make u trip ballsss……..2bad they dun sell them
If they sell enough of that Czech swill, absinthe will be the *#1* most hated product in America.

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