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Full Version: Swedish book on absinthe
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So, all those of you who know Swedish can finally find a review of the first Swedish book on absinthe.
I have just uploaded it to my site and by going to the first page you'll get a pop-up with links to the full review in Swedish as a PDF.

If you have blocked pop-ups, there's a link in the news-list to the right.

Trevlig läsning!

...for those of you who do NOT know Swedish I can give it all away - it wasn't very good. What a surprise.
Nice reading and a coherent review (from what I have understood evill.gif ), Markus abs-cheers.gif .

Have you already talked with the author to correct his work? Maybe you should publish your own?
As far as I can see from the review, that book sets a new standard for the possible level of bullshit.
Bruno Rygseck
Bra gjort! I mean you, Markus, not the author. Something similar can be found about wormwood in Farliga växter (Dangerous plants) if I am correct: "Alkoholextrakt (absint) ger svåra hjärnskador."

I am tempted to buy this book…just to read all of the tjurskit.

It's amazing, isn't it...
Borrow it from Hartsmar . . . you don't want to increase his sales!
Bruno Rygseck
Sorry… I just had to order it after reading the author Lindmark's response to Markus' review (it is in Swedish).

Yes... Ha ha ha!
He requested to have the response up on my site and - who am I to tell him no...? I am almost done with my response to that, and that is not quite making him look any better.
I'll post here when it's up.
So, the rebuttal is up and contrary to the great author, I proof read and check my facts.

That means - all of you who know Swedish - enjoy the reading. (1.95MB PDF)
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