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Full Version: Strindberg on Blanche absinthes
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This is a translation of a Swedish text from the collected works of Strindberg.

He, who has had the common habit of drinking green
absinthe, shall with disgust put a white one to his lips.
This happened to me in Switzerland, where I used to
»à six heures moins un absinthe» to rest my nerves at such
bringer of joy. One day I am served a white product of
this, which I send back as being awful, with the
request of a green one. The waitor answers me, that they
have no green. The host approaches and explains,
that the product is the same, but he could color it
without altering its taste, if I insisted on the green
color. Yes, he got to color it, and it tasted excellent!

Thus the sense of taste (sense of smell) under certain
circumstances is dependent of vision.
Excellent! They must have had a colourator in the back of the bar chickawow.gif
The Standard Deviant
More likely a bottle of colouring.
Alice the absinthe eater
I am sure that the waitor went in the back room and said something to the point off "hey anybody got something green that I can use to color this douche bags absinthe? he sent it back"
and then of course someone had a can of green paint or something laying around.
I didn't know that Strindberg had met Markus.
Strindberg had a lot to say about absinthe.
Hemingway's Hangover
Great info, thanks for posting it. I'm just re-reading "Inferno" & "Alone" right now and have been stunned to find all the absinthe references…
"Lesbian Spank Inferno"?
One of my all-time faves.
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