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Full Version: Fredie sings the national anthem!
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Trolling myspace, I found this!

The woman in the foreground picking her ass is a nice touch. If anyone watches the whole thing, let me know if he remembers all the words.
I couldn't do it. I tried, really, I tried.
Another Star Spangled Banner:
I had no idea Fredie was such a talented ventriloquist.

It isn't just any guy who can convince you that he's the one singing, when it's actually the weasel attached to his gonads.

Although the crowd was, mercifully, a small one, I'd like to take this opportunity to convey my most heartfelt condolences to everyone in Vera Wench, Fla. onacuz that weasel's voice really carries.

Goddess'll get ya for posting that link, Spoon. evill.gif
Elliot dragged me out of my languorous and luxurious bubble bath to partake of that.

Elliot will be made to suffer.

I now return to my peace and quiet, trailing bubbles all the way. This time, the door will be locked.

Sorry to get you in trouble, dude, but you probably like it when Tish "makes you suffer". chickawow.gif
Big crowd.
They must've been warned prior to the big game.
Eh, I've seen worse. Pretty good, for a 107-year-old. Odd accent, though . . .

Remember Roseanne Barr? She was worse.
Perhaps, butt she considers herself a comedian, not a singer.
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