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Full Version: Early reservoir glass
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One of the first reservoir glass, around 1850.
It is in MCD's book (my glass is 18cm not 16cm) :
IPB Image

Side by side with a classic Pontarlier glass :
IPB Image

Note the thickness difference (4mm VS 2mm) and the very small hole to the reservoir (around 4mm):
IPB Image

IPB Image

The magic can start! water and absinthe are dancing like crazy, mixing together on both sides:
IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
Supercaliexpialiokurwafuckingabsintheletelyfidicious abs-cheers.gif Nothing more to add. Socky's lucky!

What is the capacity of the lower "balloon"-40 ml or less?
40ml exactly.
And who will say astigmatism is bad, hehe.
An amazing find! Beautiful. Simply beautiful. abs-cheers.gif
I'm absolutely in awe of its simple elegance, Monsieur! chickawow.gif

Now you can Ur-Absomphesize with class, despite the obvious oxymoron. abs-cheers.gif
Looks like the glass could function as a self-contained dripper, when using a carafe. Neat idea, though I guess it'd be a bitch to clean.
Wild Bill Turkey
Yeah, with bubble-reservoir glasses, even the modern ones from Alandia, the best way to clean them is to rinse them out with water as soon as you're done drinking out of them, and leave them inverted to drip dry. As soon as anything is allowed to dry in the bottom of the glass, it's all over.
. . . ™
Gorgeous glass. So graceful and elegant. Pretty fucking nice!
But so delicate and thin and evanescent its like you can see it and then it's gone. sleepy.gif
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