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Full Version: TOPOFF 4 Comes to Town
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For those who haven't heard of it, TOPOFF (Top Officials) 4, a national disaster drill, started yesterday and runs through the end of the week.

This Department of Homeland Security drill is focused on the scenario of dirty bombs detonating at the 101/202 interchange in Phoenix, AZ, a power plant in Guam, and on the Steel Bridge in Portland, OR. Here's a news article from last week with some basic info.

Here's a more entertaining (if paranoid) article on the subject.

I'll bet the commuters in those areas are really relishing driving to and from work this week.

Still, I guess something needs to be done get the public to worry about something other than just their jobs, bills, children's schooling, relationships etc. etc.
Here's the whole story so far, as communicated to us lower-level staff, in case anyone cares. Keep in mind that none of the road closures, flight cancellations, etc. actually happened.

Tue 10/16/2007 10:11 AM

We have received official reports that a bomb has gone off in downtown Portland, Oregon. Mayor Potter has requested that those living and working in the greater Portland area remain in place until further notice. At this time, we do not know the extent of the damage or any effect on our Portland area employees. We will share more information when it becomes available.

<This Agency> has begun receiving calls from state agencies for information and assistance. We will respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you receive such a call, please share the information with your supervisor who will follow through with the established chain of command for emergency communications.

The Governor has called up the Emergency Coordinator Center to respond to this emergency and <This Agency> is actively engaged in those efforts.

We will communicate further details as they become available.

Tue 10/16/2007 12:01 PM

The explosion reported earlier today occurred on Portland’s Steel Bridge. Officials have closed the bridge and emergency responders and a team from the FBI are on the scene. At this time, we have no reports of injury to <This Agency> staff.

Employees in the Portland area are instructed to stay in place and tune radios to the disaster band or watch local media on television to monitor the situation. In the Portland State Office building, employees are not to leave the building or compromise the building’s integrity.

The explosion consisted of a dirty bomb that released radiation. Portland Mayor Tom Potter has confirmed that it is related to a dirty bomb that detonated on Guam 18 hours earlier. The mayor told Portland residents to stay inside, keep children in school where “they are safer” and turn off any home heating systems to reduce air intake. He advised people not to use their phones or cell phones unless reporting a medical emergency.

People who are concerned about relatives are requested to contact the American Red Cross,, or call 1-800-Get-Info.

Tue 10/16/2007 2:05 PM

Further details have been released regarding today’s emergency in Portland. First, officials have just reported that the blast occurred at the Rose Quarter in N.E. Portland rather than on the Steel Bridge itself.

The zone of potential contamination is Broadway to Burnside streets and Naito Parkway to 39th Avenue. Portland residents and workers are still requested to shelter-in-place.

Transportation update:

Flights from PDX have been cancelled.
All Portland bridges over the Willamette River are now closed for inspection.
Road closures:
I-84 westbound from I-5 to I-205
I-5 southbound at Marine Drive
I-5 northbound at Oregon 217
Travelers should use I-205 as an alternate route around Portland

The Red Cross Web site remains the central source for obtaining information about a victim of the blast,

Tue 10/16/2007 4:06 PM

The Governor’s Office has release the following information to update you on today’s emergency:

Portland Fire Bureau officials report that the bomb explosion in downtown Portland, which occurred just after 9 this morning, killed 55 people and injured 152 people.

ODOT has narrowed the closure of Interstate 5 as follows:

· I-5 northbound is closed at the Marquam Bridge (mile post 300); northbound travelers will be rerouted to I-405 north around downtown Portland.

· I-5 southbound is closed at the Fremont Bridge (mile post 304); southbound travelers will be rerouted to I-405 south around downtown Portland.

Oregon State Police Superintendent Timothy McLain reports:

1) Citizens with information on these attacks or any other suspicious activity should call 1-800-FBI-TIPS.

2) All sworn Oregon State Police officers have been placed on 12 hour shifts to provide assistance with local agencies and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

3) If needed, Oregon State Police are working with the Washington State Patrol to provide additional staffing personnel as part of our mutual aid agreement.

4) Oregon State Police SWAT and Mobile Response Team (civil disturbance trained personnel) are on standby to assist local agencies with any special response needs.

5) 100 city, county and state recruit officers being trained at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Academy were activated to relieve State Troopers at various non-critical sites to provide security at identified critical locations as requested by local agencies.

<This Agency> continues to support the Governor’s efforts to respond to this emergency. We anticipate continuing these communication updates through tomorrow.

Wed 10/17/2007 8:12 AM

The purpose of this message is to recap the current emergency situation and provide additional resources for staff. We will continue to provide information to Portland-area employees for those issues that apply only to circumstances in Portland.

Officials have linked the dirty bomb explosion in Portland with two other similar incidents, one in Guam and one in Arizona. These are confirmed, terrorist attacks. As of last night, the number of casualties reached approximately 150. Portland-area hospitals have received a shipment of Prussian Blue, which is used to treat people for internal contamination from Cesium-137, the key weapon contained in these radiological, dirty bombs.

If you need information about someone who may have been injured in these attacks, please refer to the Red Cross Web site: Officials in the Portland area have also set up a Missing Person hot line, for the Portland incident: (503) 823-3088.


Officials have updated the borders for sheltering-in-place: The current shelter-in-place area is bordered by I-84 on the South, NE 15th Ave. on the East, NE Halsey to NE Broadway on the North, and the Willamette River on the West. Assessments have shown that walking around outdoors beyond the shelter-in-place boundaries poses no risk to citizens. Residents within those boundaries are being told to shelter-in-place for the next 12-24 hours. Schools in this zone continue to care for students that are sheltering-in-place, according to the school's emergency preparedness plans. Everyone in this zone is urged to remain indoors.


All bridges in Portland were closed yesterday for inspection. Today, the Ross Island Bridge is open. The Portland airport has closed ALL flights in or out of PDX. We will share with you immediately if we receive official evacuation information regarding the Portland area. At this time no such order has been released. The road closure information sent to you yesterday is still in effect.

Coping with the Emergency

The Governor has urged all citizens to apply their best coping skills to this situation. Continue with proper rest, medications, etc. Regarding food safety: There are no safety issues outside the zone listed above. For those inside this zone, only food that was left out may be affected. Food that was properly stored and covered is deemed safe.

Our agency is doing everything it can to support the ongoing functioning of state government. Our leadership team is working closely with the state's center for coordination of these events, providing assistance to the Governor to support his efforts to help citizens recover, and ensuring that state agencies function.

During this emergency, we have policies in place to guide us as we balance the needs of our families with our jobs. The Temporary Interruption of Employment policy is linked below. If you have questions about your specific situation, please speak with your supervisor or call Employee Services. You can access additional HR policies from the HRSD Web site. Interruption policy:

Another resource we want to highlight is your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Counselors are available 24 hours a day to talk with you or your dependents (covered under your PEBB plans). Additionally, the EAP maintains a Web site with information you and your family can use. 555-5555, www.samplewebaddress

Oops. And I so needed that number and web address.

But wait, there's more!
Wed 10/17/2007 2:32 PM

The city of Portland and various counties continue to respond to the emergency in Portland. Officials are relocating some people away from the contamination zone, to outlying areas. The shelter-in-place directive for the contamination zone has not changed.

Officials have closed Portland area bridges because of law enforcement activity. The Steel Bridge will remain closed indefinitely. We expect the other bridges to reopen, and will notify you once we receive that announcement.

Due to increase in the security level, the U.S. Coast Guard has closed the Columbia River from the mouth (near Astoria) to the I-205/Glenn Jackson Bridge and the Willamette River from Kelly Point to Oregon City Falls. Ports along the Columbia and Willamette rivers in these areas are closed to maritime traffic.

The Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center has provided assistance to Multnomah County to determine which areas of Portland have been affected by the radiologic contaminants dispersed by the dirty bomb. A map of the affected area will be made available to the public. We will provide staff with that resource when it becomes available.

TriMet is operating limited service. Many bus lines have been canceled. Riders looking for current transit information can call (503) 238-RIDE (7433). Due to a heavy call volume expect delays. (The TriMet Web site is not operational.) Additional information about routes is contained at the end of this message.

<This Agency> continues to stand-by to assist as needed in this emergency. We will provide updated information when it becomes available.

Gotta love it. The city has been hit by a dirty bomb, with radioactive dust drifting about, but at least the buses and light rail are running. (Well, except those that cross the Steel Bridge.)

And last but not least:
Wed 10/17/2007 2:59 PM

All bridges crossing the Willamette River in Portland, with the exception of the Steel Bridge, have reopened. According to ODOT and Multnomah County, the St. Johns, Fremont, Broadway, Burnside, Morrison, Hawthorne, Marquam, Ross Island and Sellwood bridges are open to all traffic. The Steel Bridge will remain closed until law officials complete their investigation from yesterday’s incident.

Seems it was not necessary to declare martial law after all.

The Standard Deviant
TOPOFF. . . hmm.

Apparently the ‘making people worrying about terrorism’ strategy is working: Researchers at Cambridge university found that ‘Primary-aged children worry daily about global warming and terrorism as well as their friendships and passing the next exam, according to a report based on 700 in-depth interviews with children, their teachers and parents.’ – The Guardian. (Primary school is roughly the same as elementary school in the US.)
Very interesting.

Officials have temporarily suspended the TOPOFF drill due to a situation in the Lloyd Center area. TOPOFF will resume at 7 a.m. tomorrow. <This Agency> will also resume its TOPOFF-related messaging tomorrow.…ff_several.html
Bomb scare disrupts terrorism drill, closes MAX line
Posted by The Oregonian October 18, 2007 14:32PM

The Topoff dirty-bomb drill turned into a real-life bomb scare this afternoon after a trio of bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to possible explosives on the first floor of the parking garage of the Doubletree Hotel Portland at 1000 NE Multnomah Street. Michael Chertoff, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was scheduled to be at the hotel for part of the Topoff counterterrorism exercise later in the day.

Portland police cordoned off several blocks around the Lloyd Center, marking off the area with hundreds of feet of yellow tape blowing in the afternoon wind. They also shut down MAX trains through the area, and alerted people inside the hotel and surrounding buildings. Some in chose buildings chose to evacuate, while others remained in place.

A street preacher stopped on the corner, warning people walking past that they were witnessing the end times. "It's time to come to Jesus Christ," he said.
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