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Full Version: King Abdullah lectures the UK on terrorism
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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has given an interview to the BBC where he says that the UK is not doing enough to fight terrorism.

That's fucking rich coming from one of the world's largest (possibly THE largest) exporters of Islamic terrorists. If his country didn't export so many terrorists (notably the 9/11 terrorists) then we wouldn't be in the state we're in.

The unbelievable arrogance and hypocrisy of the Saudi royal family over such issues is quite sickening.

Our governments kiss their asses, stop corruption cases from going to court (when British Aerospace executives were going to be charged with bribing the Saudi royals in order to gain contracts) on the grounds of 'cultural differences', our government bows and scrapes and blocks any protests or press coverage that might 'embarrass' the Saudi royals, rolls out the red carpet for them and turns a complete blind eye to their horrendous human rights record etc etc.

And now we're all just expected to put up with being ticked off on not doing enough to fight terrorism by the head of the nation that exports terrorists that attack us.

It really is about time our governments told the Saudis to go and fucking clean their own filthy kitchen before they start criticising ours.
And they will, just as soon as the Saudis run out of oil.
The Saudi royals are douchebags. And close personal friends of the Bushes.
Donnie Darko
At long last, a megalomaniacal totalitarian regime has bestowed upon us their wisdom on how to fight for freedom. Gentlemen, victory in the war on terrorism is now within our grasp!
I believe they call that "flogging the bishop".
He arrives for his visit to the UK with his entourage filling 6 jumbo jets (several hundred servants, officials and advisers in tow) and the first thing he does on arrival is, metaphorically speaking, stick his middle finger up at the UK and lectures us on fighting terrorism. And then we are just expected to him a higher level of welcome and royal red carpet treatment than we give any other leader of any other nation. The hideous, arrogant, bastard expects (and knows he will get) such treatment, despite his comments, despite his exporting intolerant Wahabbi ideas to UK mosques, despite his exporting terrorists to bomb us (and not to mention his horrendous human rights record).

All very sickening really.
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