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Full Version: What Halloween Means To Me
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I usually always post this link on this day, because, well, what he said:
My daughters love it. I find the whole thing - here in the UK - repellent. It feels utterly false here, and hideously commercial.

But thinking that, makes me feel like a Daily Mail reading curmudgeon.

Which I suppose, apart from the Daily Mail reading part, is what I am…
The Standard Deviant
I read the Guardian and find it sickeningly false (the state of halloween, not the newspaper). I did go trick or treating a few times when I was a child and no doubt enjoyed the dressing up, but it hadn't got to the point we have reached now, with shops full of plastic pumpkin bunting, plastic zero-effort costumes and plastic tradition.

Roll on November, or Christmas as it is now called.
After all.

It is all about the $$.
I was seeing pre-Christmas displays a few weeks ago, up here.

I think October through December should now be referred to as Hallowmas.

Sad it is.
I live near the Castro district in San Francisco, and for many years throngs of people, mainly suburban young people looking for trouble, have descended on our neighborhood on Halloween to watch (or bash, too frequently) the locals in outrageous costumes. When I say throngs, I mean literally almost a million people many years. The streets usually closed down around 6 or 7 PM and became a vast sea of humanity. We never got much sleep on Halloween due to the many loud and drunk people stumbling back to their cars all through the night. Last year 10 people were shot by gang members and a lot of locals had enough. This year the event was "cancelled", although I thought it might happen anyway. The city pressured local businesses to close early. The cops were ready for anything. There were 700 police in riot gear patrolling the streets, and from what I heard, less than 2000 people gathered. The streets stayed open, and no one got shot or stabbed.

Still I can't help feeling a sense of loss. We should be able to have a little street party without it getting out of hand. Planning for next year starts today, I guess.
Last year's was pretty much cancelled as well. Three years ago we were able to drink and and meander down the Castro during Halloween, but recently it's gone to… Hell. Two years ago you couldn't drink and last year the whole friggin' thing was pretty much shut down.
Donnie Darko
I like Halloween because it is national Dress-Like-A-Whore day.

Since my B-day is two days before I usually just make Halloween my BDay since people are most likely to attend a party for that. Last year my wife planned this crazy murder mystery party for which everyone came in costume and had a specific role to play in the events of the evening. Something about some war between Vampires, Werewolfs, Faeries and Wizards. We rented out a dining hall in a Lutheran church down the street, and Absinthe was served (the pastor of the church didn't mind, he's a friend). That was pretty much the most fun on Halloween I've ever had.

Although a close 2nd would be that time when I was 12 and my friend and I got 3 different costumes each and went trick or treating in his neighborhood 3 times in different costumes, and got enough candy to feed Africa for a day.
It's my favorite holiday, except maybe for the Winter solstice, which I celebrate in lieu of Christmas, which of course co-opted Winter solstice celebrations that go back to the beginning of human societies. I see what people mean when they say they're disgusted by what it's largely become - that's what happens when the sense of community is lost in "community" celebrations. Or when community is lost, I guess.
What does one do to celebrate the solstice?
Exchange gifts, listen to Jethro Tull.

Build a fire and look at it.

Go into the woods and gather holly and mistletoe and deck the halls with it.

Put out treats for the birds and wild animals.

Watch the sun rise and set at the circle of stones I built to mark it - same function as Stonehenge but not as spectacular due to the lack of very large stones and a tribe willing to move and set them. I know the geometry by heart, though.

Drink ale or mead or absinthe.

Exchange long protein strings.

Simple stuff for a simple man.
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