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So I was wondering what the difference is between Snyder's of Hanover (Pennsylvania, not Germany) and Snyder's of some other Kraut-sounding town (Pennsylvania, not Germany). I didn't get an answer, but I did find a very cool website that, although somewhat dusty and dated, has some real gems of information including:

The original McDonald's hamburger stand
Various appetizing Thai Recipes (maybe even Cilantro - shudder)
A picture of the real hamburger Wendy (pretty cute)
How to kill a lobster (with a way cool graphic)
Could you live on Brit Wartime rations?
Cinnamon cake recipe carved on gravestone in Hebrew
NOLA's infamous Lucky Dog (as in Confederacy of Dunces)
Bat Masterson's recipe for a prairie dog (a hot dog, not a rodent)
All about bungholes and the last of the bigtime bungers

I thought there was exactly one Cafe du Monde in the world - the one in NOLA. As it turns out there are 56 of them in Japan.

On Northwest flights we used to get these pretzels made by Snyders of Berlin and they said on the back, "Not affiliated with Snyders of Hanover", or maybe it was the other way around who knows. Always got a little laugh out of that, like, maybe it was some family feud or whatever.
Berlin. Yes. How could I not remember that? They both have disclaimers on their bags, saying they have nothing to do with the other one.
The Standard Deviant
There is a mention of absinthe, actually.
Do tell?
Always wondered that too. Seems to boil down to two
companies with the same name in the same area wanting
the Snyder's label. A judge decided in 1969 they could both
have it. Kinda anticlimactic after wondering all these years.

Back in Michigan my favorites were the Snyder's of Hanover
Bavarian style pretzels and the Snyder's of Berlin steak and onion
flavored chips.

Berlin? First we take Manhattan.
A website for the Red Headed Sausage Wrangler. pirate2.gif

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