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Full Version: Any Trappist Beer Drinkers Here ?
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I have a strong distaste for the mass produced american beers that you can get for 5 bucks per case. I don't mind the locally produced Bell's brand but nothing can come close in my book to the Trappist beers.
I pay the same price for one small single serving of the Trappist stuff as others pay for an entire case of beer , and I do so gladly . Any of you guys enjoy a good Trappist ?

A mug of Westvleteren 12 followed by a mug of Rochefort’s 10 and I can sleep happy.
A mug of Rochefort 10 followed by a mug of Westvleteren 12 used to make me happy when a case of the stuff could be had for $135, including the genuine crate.Now that those usurous monks have tripled the price, I find a Rochefort 10 followed by another Rochefort 10 leaves me a lot happier.
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