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It seems like many are curious about the production status of Verte Suisse and PF 1901 from Jade Liqueurs. I know that Nouvelle and Edouard are available now, and hopefully in equal amounts from the last run. LDF has asked those with questions to contact Jade directly, which I intend to do after this post. Does anyone here have further information about this shortage? Undoubtedly, Jade creates some of the finest absinthes, and I hope more is available for us soon.

In the mean time, I am VERY excited about both offerings from Oxy, which await at my bar. Congrats Oxy! abs-cheers.gif

Donnie Darko
My guess is that the requirements of producing Lucid are encroaching upon Jade's production. Or perhaps the current stock of herbs necessary to make VS & 1901 are not up to standard. Ted has said previously that herb availability will determine Jade availability. Just guessing.

I’m guessing Ted’s too busy back in the ally, ever since word got out about his 25¢ special.
I received this in email: News from Jade Liqueurs

Dear Absinthe Connoisseur,

We are pleased to announce that as of 2007, our fine absinthes and our Perique tobacco
liqueur have all won silver or gold medals at the International Wine and Spirits
Competition (IWSC) in London.

Our award-winning Nouvelle-Orléans and Edouard absinthes are once again available for
purchase. As always, stocks are limited, so we advise not delaying if the purchase of our
absinthes is a part of your holiday shopping. Please see the ordering page on the
Liqueurs de France website for details:

We have received countless requests for a restock of our PF1901 and VS (Verte Suisse).
Please be advised that we are working to replenish stocks, and hope to have them available
again soon. We will notify the members of our emailing list when they are once again

Tobacco and spirits connoisseurs should note that our award-winning Perique tobacco
liqueur is available also in limited quantities for the holiday season:

A limited quantity of our etched crystal brouille glasses are also available for the
holiday season, and may be purchased directly from our website:

2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Jade Liqueurs with new products and new
developments, so stay tuned!

Warmest Regards,

T. A. Breaux & Staff
Jade Liqueurs

Looks like Cros was right.
Yep, the future does belong to porn.
The future is ours!
I didn't want to know you were doing porn.
Xoe biz is makin' lil' profit, unfortunately.
Maybe you need to do xoe porn.

Just don't tell us about it when you do.
PF1901 and Verte Suisse are back in stock at LDF.
…and at Absinthe Classics. There's also a special running currently - if you buy any 4 Jade bottles, you get an automatic 10% discount.

Thank you for your attention. We now resume our scheduled programming.
Green Baron
After trying my first 2 bottles of absinthe in December- Edouard and Roquette 1797, then moving on to Duplais Verte, Brevans H.R., Lucid and Kubler, and almost depleting a 2nd bottle of Edouard…they had to make me an offer that was too good to refuse!

I had to take this opportunity to try PF1901, Verte Suisse, and Blanchette for the first time…not to mention say hello to my good friend Ed.

Got the delivery this morning, and this evening had a glass of PF and am now finishing up a glass of VS.

Yum! And I'm looking forward to even more 'yum' this weekend once they've had a few days to breathe! w00t2.gif
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