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Full Version: California Absinthe (St. Georgia's Spirits) Video (KTVU)
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I didn't see this posted yet.…5/MNQJTO9FM.DTL

St. Georgia's Spirits is going to start distributing their own version of Absinthe made right in Alameda, California.
grey boy
You didn't look too hard,
Did you?
QUOTE(grey boy @ Dec 8 2007, 10:09 PM) *

You didn't look too hard,
Did you?

I will not limit my search to one subforum next time. Sorry about that.

In consultation…the video is a new one that was not posted in the other thread.

grey boy
No problem,
just keeping you honest.
He makes it in a hanger on a Military Naval base?
A former Navy Air Station.
Really really - really - fat people might refer to it as the Navel Air Station.
That's where the real bitter absinth is made.

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