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Full Version: Does anyone know where I can buy this?
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I have managed to find the glasses on ebay but I am looking for the new Pernod spoon. Does anyone know of any online retailer that stocks these?
The Standard Deviant
Not with Pernod written on, no, but they aren't that great compared to Frenchman reproduction spoons, or the new Jade spoons.
I have that spoon with the Pernod logo. I have no idea where I got it though.
I managed to find a place to buy it online in a gift pack type thing (Bottle of Pernod 68, the glass, the spoon) but the entire site is Japanese so that's no help.
At the risk of being self-serving, you can buy the same absinthe, and much better spoons and glasses at my site.
Jaded Prole
But why would you want either when there are such better options?
I only want them for collectables sake. I already have decent absinthe spoons and glasses, but for some reason I just want to get hold of these ones aswell.
But then you'd have to buy a bottle of P68.

Is it REALLY that important to you?!
Wild Bill Turkey
Just keep watching ebay. That spoon shows up fairly regularly, and it never goes for more than 4 or 5 euros. If you make a special effort to find a place to buy it from a vendor, you'll wind up paying a lot more for it, or get stuck buying a bottle of that crap.
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