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Full Version: "We were as naked as two absinthe-crazed jaybirds.."
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Playboy, June 1971.
You always find the cool shit first.
Dubied often pondered the strange powers of this all- purpose medicine. He discussed
it with his son-in-law, Henri-Louis Pernod, who agreed that it was a refreshing and invigorating
drink - for the healthy as well as for the sick. In 1797, Dubied bought the original formula from the
Henriot family.
Everybody quotes that "Dubied's son-in-law" thing as if that's the connection that brought them together. Henri didn't marry Emélie Dubied until 1807.

Nice find. abs-cheers.gif
You know, I've got that issue.
I got a whole car load of old Playboys
at the local recycle center. I just never
actually read any of the articles.
I love reading about absinthe. Then I've got to have a glass. What an experience!
Hemingway's Hangover
I adore the bit about absinthe's "aphrodiasical" properties coming not from any "genital stimulation" but from the way it "changes ideas" ala Hemingway. His caveats -- with someone you love and who loves you -- are fine, common-sense pieces of advice.

There have been moments, sipping a glass while watching the sunset from my balcony, when I have loved the whole world and all the people in it. "Aphrodisiac", no; the heart can however grow wide and open and bountiful under the green fairy's caress. (Speaking of purple prose…)

It's a great piece: I am going to have to hit the vintage book mall in order to locate a copy for my library. Thanks again, Oxy!
Anything that moves, eh, Hem?
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