So, I'm working on cleaning up this part of the forum... That is - moving or merging some things into other parts of the forum. Some threads have already been moved into the Buyer's Guide and a few have been merged into existing review threads in the Guide.

What will happen is mainly that the reviews that are in here, and already merged into the Guide, will be deleted from those threads, and following comments will be merged into the review thread in the Guide.
Nothing else is deleted, but may be moved.

Topics that does not contain reviews will remain here unless they make more sense in the Guide part in which case they will be merged into exisiting review threads there.

This is some work that will take some time before it's completed, and you might experience some oddities in this part during that time, but in the cases I find it necessary, I will keep a link to the moved or merged topic in here.

So - remember - discussions about any and all CO brands go in here.
Reviews go in the Buyer's Guide. If there's already a topic for the absinthe you have reviewed, post that in that thread. If you're the first to review something or you can't find the correct topic, post your review in "Newly rated absinthes". It's a pinned topic in the Buyer's Guide area.

Preferably use the online review tool for formatting the review before posting it since it makes my life so much easier.