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Full Version: Oscar Wilde and the Tulips
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I referred some time ago to the origins of the famous story of Oscar Wilde and the tulips brushing against his ankles as he left the Cafe Royal, and pointed out that this story was originally quoted by a hotelier and raconteur called John Fothergill in a book written in 1949, more than 50 years after the (alleged) event.

After further research and consulting with some Wilde scholars I've now found an earlier, simpler version of the story, dating from 1930. It's likely that Fothergill's 1949 version is just a colourful embellishment of this previously published version (which itself was written by a humorous author and wit over three decades after Wilde's death).

None of this changes my central point, which is that this is a very shaky foundation on which to build the myth that absinthe has hallucinogenic properties - the story has clearly been wildly - or even Wildely - embellished in the telling and retelling, and if it's based on a kernel of truth likely refers to a dream, not a waking delusion.

The updated page is here:

There is, categorically, no earlier version of this story, and it's not mentioned or referred to in any of Wildes own writings and letters.
The Standard Deviant
You're proud of that pun, aren't you?
Yes. I should get an Oscar for it.
Hemingway's Hangover
or at least a Bosie.
I wasn't joking. I'm a believer in the importance of being earnest.
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Jan 10 2008, 02:24 PM) *

Yes. I should get an Oscar for it.

That the best ya got?
I think this might be it.
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Jan 11 2008, 05:28 AM) *

That the best ya got?

Be sad if it were.
Is he saying there's a resemblance?
Always the wild stories of brushing against tulips.
Which two?
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