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Full Version: Budweiser Chelada
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I have a hard time believing this is for real:
Budweiser and Clamato, together at last!

It makes me nauseous just to look at the picture.
Only Anheuser-Busch could out-Anheuser-Busch Anheuser-Busch.
Wild Bill Turkey
Actually, this product has been in development for quite a while. Lots of people, some of whom you all know, have had a hand in bringing it to market. Luc, from Heure Verte, loaned us his superbe antique bubble-reservoir glass so that I could use it for the illustration on the can.
IPB Image

We're all very proud of this new and unusual taste treat, and hope you all like it as much as we do.
I knew there was some conspiracy going on. However, we have been first:…dd_s_Beers.html

I believe, there is more of them coming.
Raspberry as a beer additive/flavor component needn't make you a freeq. Clamato is, uh, it's, well, it's just too Anheuser-Busch to contemplate.
Especially beechwood aged clamato.
Don't forget about B2theE, you know RedBud Wings Fer Kings.
Donnie Darko
If only I had thought of mixing my urine with Clamato, I too could be a millionaire.
Alyssa Dyane
I used to drink cheladas all the time when I lived in Mexico. Usually for breakfast everyday. However, it wasn't pre-mixed, and we didn't use Bud. I make a great one, and I actually do use Clamato. Salted galss rim, ice, lots of fresh squeezed lime juice, Clamato and beer. Breakfast of champions.
QUOTE(Alyssa Dyane @ Jan 21 2008, 08:08 PM) *

Salted galss rim, ice, lots of fresh bearded-clam juice, and beer. Breakfast of champions.

Darlin', you're making me hongree.
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