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Full Version: For sale : Pernod Fils circa 1910
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Heure Verte
First, some pictures of the bottle :

IPB Image

IPB Image

Behind the scene
This bottle of pre-ban Pernod Fils absinthe dates probably from 1910, perhaps earlier because of the crudity and bubbles in the glass.
The bottle has been discovered covered with one century dust a few days ago in a french manor in Normandy, owned by an old family of Benedictine manufacturers.
The precise place of the manor where the bottle has been discovered is surprising : under the manor, in the cellar, a secret wall has been found, leading to another, protected cellar. In this cellar, a strong and closed door leads to another room where several century old bottles had been discovered. Among these bottles, this sealed Pernod Fils, undisturbed for one century !
During world war II, the manor has been occuped by german officers : they never discovered the secret wall and the secret place !

Before being opened, the level was excellent : middle of the Pernod Fils glass stamp.

IPB Image

Color indicates a perfect preservation : light amber, not too dark. Opening it revealed strong and intact herbal and anise scents. Pernod Fils absinthe !


The water added slowly gives a tick beautiful louche while the room is filled with magnificent scents of mountain herbs. If you tasted vintage Pernod Fils before, you know what I mean.


These absinthe is a delight, a superb Pernod Fils : fresh, herbal, with this old aroma given by one century of rest, but not too much. Perfect taste for a perfect absinthe.

This bottle has been carefully decanted into sterile amber samples : 30 ml and 60 ml.
Email me or PM me for prices, questions and details.
Shipping to the US included in the price.
Paypal accepted.
Holy crap I wish I wasn't a poor student. If I've already used up my food money for booze, does that mean I have to use the rent money for vintage PF? frusty.gif

Congrats on the find though! Please make a note to find two beautiful bottles of PF or Berger two or three years from now, when I'll have the money to "invest"!
The last preban absinthe is expected to be consumed by August 13, 2010.
Two years, four months, and eight days before the end of the world?

I think a better plan of rationing is called for, in that case.
And then the Syndicate declares world domination?
December 21st, 2012? Hahaha sweet. At least I'll never have to worry about turning 30 and getting OLD blink.gif To live young, die fast, and hopefully snag some pre-ban before I'm done.

OMG. What if the end of the world is simply a plot to replace all spirituous beverages with KOSG? I just finished reading The Chosen thread, and most descriptions of KOSG aroma sound like ultimate decay and death…
Heure Verte
I hope all remaining vintage absinthe in the world will be discovered before the end of the world :) But it's thinking without the secrets walls !
Just wandering. How mucj would one have to pay for a bottle like this these days? Something between €2500 and €3000 or am I way off?
I'm sure that depends entirely upon who, when and where you are. Those numbers are close to what I've heard lately. Maybe a bit less for not having a label?
QUOTE(Tibro @ Jan 22 2008, 08:12 AM) *

And then the Syndicate declares world domination?


From its brand spanking new headquarters on the polar equator. w00t2.gif

IPB Image
QUOTE(Barski @ Jan 22 2008, 10:41 PM) *
…Somewhere between €2500 and €3000 or am I way off?

c'mon barski are you nuts?
buy a bottle of pf 1901 instead, for that amount of cash, and get the distillery for free.

I doubt that I can get the distillery for free.
There is no promotional set? Laws of the market are harsh.
Heure Verte
I won't be able to send samples from 30 january to 19 february.
Heure Verte
I have some a few samples left (first pic of the topic) if you are interested in sampling real vintage absinthe wink.gif
Can you re-post the pics of the bottle? What happened to the label?
They are real he sell me 2 sample and they were very fresh and delicous.
Like every rap video…
QUOTE(Patlow @ May 31 2008, 04:53 AM) *

Like every rape video…

Unlike any rapeseed video
Heure Verte
QUOTE(Heure Verte @ May 30 2008, 11:06 AM) *

I have some a few samples left (first pic of the topic) if you are interested in sampling real vintage absinthe wink.gif

The bottles have been discovered in a secret underground cellar, and have been undisturbed from around 1900 to 2008. I guess that's why the labels gone !

Labels' gang rape?
Seems pretty run-of-the-mill, to me…you just misspelled 'labial'. evill.gif
I would love to get my hands on one of these samples. Please check your PM's Luc.
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