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Full Version: Complexity, Lucid, and the Sliding Scale of Anise
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So, my first absinthe was, as I had mentioned in my Welcome post, Lucid.

I know that anise is one of the primary flavorings of absinthe. Now, mind you, I diluted it, in both 1:3 and 1:4 ratios. And I like anise, but … wow, that seemed like quite a powerful taste, without much else behind it. Maybe my absinthe palete has yet to be developed. My questions are these:

1) On the scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the anise bomb-diggity overwhelming, where would you say Lucid fits?

2) What quality absinthes would be on the very low end of the scale?

3) Would any of those have a few complicated tastes to be explored?

I'm not into it for the ritual, the louche, or the color. The aroma is nice, but the taste is primarily what I'm interested in. The Lucid was just too overwhelming for me.
To me Lucid is far from an anise bomb. It's a pretty light absinthe; none of the flavours are particularly strong, but wormwood is what I taste the most in it. Is it possible you're not used to foods and drinks with anise and fennel flavouring, so it stands out to you a lot? On your 0-10 anise scale I'd say Lucid is a 6.
Butt the real question is.

Did you trip balls?
More than with any other absinthe.
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(peridot @ Jan 24 2008, 09:45 PM) *

To me Lucid is far from an anise bomb. It's a pretty light absinthe; none of the flavours are particularly strong, but wormwood is what I taste the most in it.

That's funny, wormwood is what I taste least in it. I only taste it in the aftertaste, and even then it's kind of behind the fennel. I don't detect any wormwood in the louched aroma. The best dilution for Lucid is surprisingly 5:1, as Kirk discovered. I'd say for anise content it's somewhere between 7-8 on a scale of 1-10, it tastes like it has more anise than Belle Amie, Mystique or most of the Duplais offerings. The thing is the anise in it tastes to me like it's just average quality, so maybe an 8 of average quality anise isn't what you're into, but a 10 of fantastic quality anise might be just your thing. Jade PF1901 has wonderful quality Anise.

By the way, I'm having a few glasses of Belle Amie again. That absinthe has the potential to become a blockbuster. Right now it's like Kiera Knightly dressed up in vintage garb. Gorgeous face, but no curves. Needs to put on a few pounds. Put some curves on that woman and I'm going to have a hard time putting that bottle down. If you want to know what an absinthe with perfectly balanced wormwood tastes like, it's Belle Amie.
I should correct my earlier post. Wormwood is the strongest herb I can taste in it. The strongest flavour is burnt caramel. The wormwood comes right on its heels and the anise doesn't really stand out at any point during a sip.
I'd have to agree with peridot, Lucid is most certainly the lightest anise absinthe I have tried. Drop, just keep tasting and keep in mind that you have to like anise to like absinthe.
Donnie Darko
Lucid has a quantity of anise typical for absinthe, otherwise it wouldn't louche like it does. It has a thicker louche than anything made at the Pernot distillery, so it's fair to assume it has more anise. I think what people are perceiving as "low anise" just comes from the cultivar of anise used in Lucid (I'm guessing here) being of average quality. There is a tremendous difference between anise sourced from different regions, in both fragrance, anethole content and taste, and I'm guessing what is in Lucid is on the cheaper/weaker end of the anise spectrum. (Fennel can contribute to louche too, but I think Lucid has less fennel than anise).

Absinthe is an aniseed herbal beverage (not to be confused with Star Anise ala St. George) and has been for a few hundred years. In terms of ratios, Absinthes almost always contain more anise than any other ingredient. For something to be low-anise it would almost certainly have a very weak louche, and that does not apply to Lucid. It's more likely that the anise used just has a flat personality.
Alyssa Dyane
I thought the flavour of swampy fish tank was more prevalent in Lucid than the anise.
Sure, to you. Smells more like pussy to me -- not at all unpleasant.
Pleasant P. should not smell, my man. Cleanliness and Godliness and all that…
Now you're a pussy expert?
QUOTE(Patlow @ Jan 25 2008, 08:54 PM) *

Pleasant P. should not smell, my man.

Sounds boring.

I prefer Heady P.
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Just thought I'd clear this up for ya! harhar.gif
Now appearing at two of your Washington State Liquor Stores!

Thursday, April 10, 2008 \"IPB

The following state and contract liquor stores have this product in stock.
Brand Name: "LUCID LIQUEUR" and Brand Code: "972737"
Quantity Size: 0.75 L Retail Price: $68.00
Please Note: It is best to call the store to confirm that the item is
still in stock and hasn't sold out since this page was updated.

CityAddressHoursContactQuantity In Stock SEATTLE

1702 4TH AVE S

SEATTLE WA 98134-1502Mon-Thu 10:00-9:00
Fri-Sat 10:00-10:00
Store Manager:
MARY (206-587-5687)
District Manager:
THERESA GRANT-DUGGINS (206-389-2476)Units:


SEATTLE WA 98136-1833Mon-Thu 11:00-7:00
Fri-Sat 11:00-8:00
Store Manager:
ARTEMIS (206-933-3415)
District Manager:
EDDIE CANTU (206-389-2475)Units:

I stopped by the store on the way home yesterday and the guy behind the counter showed me the order and it had Lucid on it, so the Mississippi state distributer has it in stock and the store should have it any day now. The only choice right now is Lucid. I did not see Kubler, but it is a start.

At least I can order Kubler from Drink Up New York and get the free shipping. I can hardly wait for the choices from Tempus Fugit to arrive.
QUOTE(G&C @ Apr 10 2008, 07:04 AM) *

Store Manager:

So that's what he's been up to! shock.gif
Apocalypse is approaching shock.gif
I thought that was curious.
You aren't the only one that caught that; a coincidence? I think not.

I had the manager of my local order up a case here in Spovegas and I picked up 2 bottles yesterday for a gathering next week (yeah, like I'm gonna serve anything -expensive- to newbies). Shit, it seems like its taken forever to get this stuff here and I just don't get it. Not only is WS based in this state but seemingly half of the stateside enthusiasts live here too. WTF is up with Veridian?
WS is a joke.
Have you ever seen my screen name over there? Think that is somehow anomalous? duh-

Though its worth stating that I can remember when your posts were not bitter, bordering on totally nasty. Don't know whats happened to you over the last few years, but it clearly hasn't been good. Fuck, even leever's got a better 'tude than you. Too much of Yack's puerile shit, I gather.
Blow me.

I don't go there.
I have no idea why anyone would.

End of Story™
Because they give away free samples of Marteau Verte Classique on a regular basis?
They do? Apparently I didn't lurk there enough before deciding this LFV was superior.
That's subjective. I like each forum for different reasons. And none of it has to do with personal grudges.
Doctor Love

QUOTE(G&C @ Apr 24 2008, 05:34 PM) *
I don't go there.
I have no idea why anyone would.

You've answered your own internal inquiry sir.

As for the Lucid, I've found it benefits from a couple weeks of age as long as you leave most of the bottle intact. If you drink too much of it and just leave a smidgen left in the bottom for a few weeks then it starts to get a funk.
QUOTE(Doctor Love @ May 15 2008, 06:46 PM) *

If you drink too much of it … you start to get funky.

Keep drinking.
QUOTE(OCvertDe @ May 15 2008, 07:12 AM) *
They do? Apparently I didn't lurk there enough before deciding this LFV was superior.

Onacuz your judgement has proven to be so reliable so far?
Apparently, it really is subjective. I still feel this is the better site, but free absinthe is free absinthe…
Jaded Prole
Pass the Koolaid and praise the Lord™!
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