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Full Version: Fine Rum
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Hi guys!

On a whim, I decided to try some decent aged rum. I've always hated rum, but it occurred to me the other day that I'd never actually tasted anything but cheap rotgut. Went to the store, bought some Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos, and I must say this is quite an amazing drink. On the rocks, it easily competes with a nice scotch or other whiskey and would accompany a cigar very well. Being in Canada, I do have the advantage of being able to buy nice Cuban rum at the local shop for $30, but there must be quite a selection beyond that. Do you guys have any rum stories to share?
Wild Bill Turkey
The biggest rum discussion we've had here that I recall starts here, and goes for a couple of pages.
Donnie Darko
I don't like Rum, but I had some Rhum Agricole from Martinique at the Pegu Club with a bit of crushed ice which blew me away. I could have drank that stuff all night. Of course I would have gotten quite sick, but probably wouldn't have minded.
Cool thanks Bill, never would have found that!

Interesting about making rum from cane juice vs molasses, I guess using molasses is actually the cheaper cop-out since it's really just a byproduct of refining sugar cane…Scuse me while I warm up my google…
I love me my rum. Of all of the rums in my bar, the two favorite sipping rums would be the El Dorado 25 year (which tastes more like a bourbon), and the Ron Zacapa Centenario (which is thick with lovely rum flavors). The Havana Club 7 is ok, but I find it a bit harsh with the afterburn. It's better as a mixing rum. The 15 y.o. is much better for sipping neat. If you want a real (expensive) treat, the Havana Club Maximo is probably one of the most astounding rums I've ever tasted.
I tried a Inner Circle Blue Dot Pot Still Rum about 4 months ago… I drank the whole bottle but never went back for a second. It was pleasant from what I can remember. If Inner Circle ranks lower than the rest of the rums tried here I might go grab a bottle of the good stuff.
The Standard Deviant
Hey nice! I look forward to some kind of barrel-related logo.
how about…Click to view attachment
The Standard Deviant
Well, it looks like it's out in the public domain, legally or otherwise.
If only Liqueurs de France could ship to Canada. Damn you customs!
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