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Full Version: The Rake
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"Absinthe finally arrives in the Twin Cities—but is it all it’s cracked up to be?"

The Rake

Wow, not a very good article…
I am…someone who does not care for the taste of anise.
Why then are they "reviewing" absinthe?

There's also this gem of journalism.
Back in the day, absinthe was served by pouring it over a sugar cube to dilute the strong bitterness of wormwood.
Sad. I know…
And, while we're mentioning complete idiocy in the media, there's this:


What a maroon.

Now it's time to return to my glass of incredibly high-alcohol pastis…
Maybe they didn't add water… look at the bright side, more for us. Bad press may be a good thing! When good press hit the single malt whisky market in the mid 1990's we took a heavy hit in supply and demand… which brings me here.
QUOTE(Deluge @ Jan 31 2008, 02:30 PM) *
Sad. I know…

Not near as sad as if you didn't know.

The article didn’t make me sad it’s the misinformation I didn’t care for. I don’t mind if the author wasn’t that fond of absinthe. That’s fine, it isn't for everyone. It frustrates me though when people print assumptions rather than doing any meaningful research or at least take the time to cross check their information.
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