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Full Version: Email settings not working?
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I don't seem to have access to my email on this forum. Can someone look and see what the problem is? Thanks.
Le Gimp
As I understand it, you don't have email on this forum per-se.

People are able to send email to you without knowing what your email address is.

You can do the same to them.

However the email shows up in your mail at or whatever your email address is. It does not reside on the same servers as this forum.

You do have PM capibility. This will show up in your "New Messages". These reside on the server.
Private Messages are not in any way private.
I already read your mail. It was all spam so I deleted it for you.
There isn't an option for PM'ing. How do I respond to people who write me?
You are not welcome to engage in
commerce on this board, Jmfranc.
QUOTE(G&C @ Feb 9 2008, 02:40 AM) *

Private Messages are not in any way private.

I need to revise what I originally wrote in this post. I've always understood that PM's were not readable at all by the board admins. Having spoken to an expert in the management of Invision forums, it seems I was, at least partially, wrong. It is possible for someone with admin rights to query the SQL database from within the admin control panel and see at least an excerpt of the contents of an inter-member PM (but not the entire message). It's also possible to view the entire contents of emails sent using the board member-to-member email facility (relatively few of you have this option enabled and it's not widely used, overwhelmingly members use PMs).

It goes without saying that Head, Kallisti and myself consider all such messages private. We've never attempted to read them in the past, nor would we do so in future.

So G&C's statement is at least partially correct, but only if you assume dishonesty and bad faith on the part of the admins. If you assume on the contrary that we are honourable and trustworthy people, then your PMs are, and will remain, private.
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